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"DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 2: SIXTEEN HUSTLES" - A book by the honorable djhives 235p., softback, © 2011-2012

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The long awated sequel in the DIE SHEEPLE DIE series by the most dis-credited auhor of all-time, the honorable djhives.

235+ pages! LARGE SOFTBACK -- THE satanists guide to business.

It is not enough to KNOW about the ILLUMINATI - you must LIVE like the illuminati!

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You can ONLY order VOLUME 2 (16 hustles) though PAYPAL.

Books are now shipped SAME DAY - NO WAITING!

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"DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 2: SIXTEEN HUSTLES" - A book by the honorable djhives 235p., softback, © 2011-2012

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Hello fans, For some time now I have been secretly at work on what I believe will be the absolute SICKEST BOOK EVER: "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!" -- That's right. It's FINALLY HERE!

Many of you for years have been asking for a compilation or summation of all NEMESIS videos and djhives writings -- this book goes MUCH FURTHER - all teachings are re-edited including their original unedited transcrpitation from the original NEMESIS films. This is NOT a re-hash of NEMESIS films but rather a completely NEW and ORIGINAL 208 page pearl of knowledge like no other on the face of planet earth.

Lots of you have always wanted to SHARE the views you have learned from NEMESIS and hives with others, but found it to be difficult because of the un-choesive nature of the youtube videos. You demanded an easy way to spread this knowledge to the few you deemed to be worthy. Well, I can guarantee you, THIS IS THE BOOK you will want to get and share!

A standard softback, full color cover, publisher grade book - that's right - A REAL BOOK by hives! You will laugh, learn, and cry at the hurtful truths within. Everything you have come to expect from hives - and more - are jammed within each of it's 208 pages. Words and phrases you've all come to love like 'moran', 'cat-faggot', 'bubble-tard', 'moranasarus-rex'... all the insults are right here in what will no doubt be the new UNDERGROUND HARDCORE CONSPIRACY BOOK OF THE CENTURY. NO MERCY IS GIVEN IN THIS BOOK! No book has ever been more knowledgeable or controversial, or downright funny since perhaps when the bible was released.

It is my SINCERE HOPE --- yes HOPE -- that you all enjoy this book. It took ALOT of effort to write, alot of experience, experimentation -- and most of all ALOT OF BALLS!

I want to be CLEAR - I know not of ANY BOOK that has or ever will reveal the information that "Die Sheeple Die!" has within its pages. No book will explain in stunning, merciless candor - and in DETAIL, the TRUE origins of society, money, eclipse computers, the TRUTH about the illuminati, money, love, time, energy, amplification, the new world order.........and most of all: THE SHEEPLE! This is it! And it is my true hope that you enjoy and LIKE what I have spent the last YEAR compilng for you all.

Nemesis videos are scattered like chicken feed throughout cyberspace - it is my sincere hope that this new book will bring everything together - old and new - and define a new staple of intelligencia. It is my SINCERE HOPE that this book will GUIDE YOU AND HELP YOU IN LIFE - giving you the TRUE PATH TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL FREEDOM.

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* The absolute sickest book ever - ALL NEMESIS videos re-discussed with the anger and passion of hives

* All new information and chapters

- including timergy, inductance, amplification, love, the NWO, AND MORE!

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- many fans are still short on understanding concepts put forth years ago by NEMESIS, this book creates an easy reference for TIMELESS intelectual growth!

* Your PERSONAL KEY to FREEDOM - the only book that clearly shows you the door, no bullshit, no nonsense.


by the honorable djhives Printed: 208 pages, 4.25" x 6.88", perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color glossy exterior ink (one piece panaoramic cover) **Note some revisions have smaller font and contain 188 pages (same amount of content)

Price: $95 , this INCLUDES shipping to U.S.A., Mexico, or Canada, European orders add $20 more for shipping, all other international orders email for shipping rate

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I received the book today.
Absolutely brilliant man - the format cover -- everything. I already read almost half and to think about the unfiltered unedited knowledge that fell in my lap for some useless greenish paper brings tears to my eyes. Finally a REAL book like you said And thanks for signing it. It really means a lot to me coming from someone whos walking the path." --valah


"hives, I returned from a camping trip to find the new book waiting in my mailbox. Thank you djhives, I'm almost too excited to read it because I don't want to finish it. I think I'll do a chapter a day to savor it." --ThatGuy


"Hives!! Received today (tuesday - australia) with much thanks :)" --SirLaugh Alot


"Hey hives, I really liked the tits so im gonna buy the book..."`-- Peter



I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book. My plan was to savor the book but like trying to nurse a cold beer on a hot day I'm almost done. by the end of today i'll probably be finnished. Simply awesome collection of information from the blogs/nemesis vids. It flows and builds in the book and when reading it the baby steps you've planned are evident. Not being here from the start I've never watched the videos in order but have reviewed all of them, reading the book in order has lead to greater understanding and connecting of the subjects. If your thinking about it, just order your copy. Besides, it is worth it just to gauge peoples reactions when they see the cover. -- That Guy"

"Hives -- I got the book. It's great. I love a good fiction. lol. Seriously, awesome. Really, thanks for all your hard work. You are a true teacher. Even in your verbal whippings, you are teaching people who don't deserve to be taught. And instead of getting the point to rely on themselves instead of relying on you, they lash back and miss the lesson. " -- Jaques AKA Fab

"I'm deconstructing from my beehive upbringing thanks mainly to DJHIVES and nemesis. the hustle is growing. I'm getting out. thanks for helping me see the code. " -- Tardy

"Mr. hives!!!

I just received something!!!!! Hiiiiiihaaaaaaaaa Finally my copy of your masterpiece. Thx a lot I love it and I m sooo happy whit this copy dammmm, dammmm thx master." -- Hidden Hand

"Mr. Hives .....just got the book!! you have to put a disclaimer ??? it law ...??? so far...RAW,,,,your a fucken beast man .... " -- Kray

"Mister hives, i recived your book on today! I read the book and it was the best, it felt like I was talking to NEMESIS.... I loved the TIMERGY chapter! Thanks again mister hives!" -someone something "Mage hives, I Got the book a couple days ago and I'm nearly done. Its a hard copy treasure for anyone who has a brain." -- Itstimetospill "Djhives, I got your book!!! Thank You, I'm just lovin' it!!!" -- Ben M IS NOT RUN BY ME!!!!






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If you sent any money to PAYPAL to the IMPOSTER at you need to CONTACT PAYPAL AND REPORT FRAUD!!!

If you sent money to the IMPOSTER at for the book you need to CONTACT THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICE AND REPORT MAIL FRAUD!!!

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The Honorable Reggie Rawls Congressional NEMESIS Archive Book 1

The Honorable Reggie Rawls Congressional NEMESIS Archive Book 2

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READ THIS BOOK YOU N*GGERS!!! "The Manipulated Man" By Ester Vilar <---<<>

ANOTHER MUST READ E-BOOK - "Rich Dad Poor Dad" -- Note: ignore the second half of the book. READ IT FOOLS!!

"Degrees are, after all, easy to come by - you have only to memorize" --- Esther Vilar

"Why are people so dumb?? i will never again in my life get a credit card or take out any type of loan!!! i havent for over 3 years and i never will!!! hives is correct, you cannont get ahead by borrowing,,,you just wind up in debt all your life,,so all the money you make,,goes to your debt,,which means you cant spend your money on simple things that you want or need,, and the funniest part about this whole scam is the fact that your average moran (which is almost everybody) will go get into more debt as soon as they pay one debt off!!!! FUCKING RETARDS, short bus riding too many chromozone having mongoids!!!

hears a suggestion,,pay off all your debt,,and never EVER again borrow money,,,if you dont have the money to buy what you want ,,then save it up,,its as easy as 123, ABC, its really that simple,,,,oh but NOOOOO,,i got to have that new chrysler 300 with 3000 dollar rims and tinted windows and a 2000 dollar stereo system,,,so i can be in debt for the next 5 years and probly go to jail numerous times cause i look like a mark.

guess what dipshits,,,if the bank refuses to loan you money for whatever reason,,take it as a blessing in disguise,,now go take your money and safe it like any normal responsable person would do,,then buy your wants,,that way your not in fucking debt,,,,OMG its so easy it actually makes sense" -- titsnass

"Help YOURSELF or KILL yourself" --Hidden-Hand

"Alex Jones is like the best friend that the bitch runs to after her pimp fucked her, and complains about how terrible he treats her. The best friend will never do anything about it and the bitch will never quit the pimp she is addicted too." -- TheGreySpirit

"Behold the disenfranchised white male with no real power. now he knows how it feels to be black, so his only options are to find himself a preacher and sing slave songs about 401Ks, foreclosures, cubicles and baldness" -- SlalomHO

"People flock to leaders because they take no responsibility for their own protection. In the case of the Occultation: The ancients asked why, instead of asking how!

Why: implies knowledge coming from authority. How: implies knowledge coming from experience. If they looked up and asked how like the Watchers, they would know. Instead they asked why like the Joneses, and followed the ones who knew how. Alex Jones will never tell you HOW 911 really happened, just WHY.

The reason is when you look for HOW, why becomes less important. Sheeple ask why, why is always awnsered with "because of ______ that is HOW it works." Therefore by this method of inquiry, you will never know the cause, only the desired effect.

Example #1: Say you were a tribal islander and suddenly your friends head exploded because an invader pointed a gun at him and shot him. You only have seconds to react. You could chose EMOTION and you could ask WHY did the sun god come from the water and strike my friend with fire from his hand? This causes you to try to reason with the invader as if he is your god.

He then takes you on a slave ship to be worked to death like the horse he shot last week. AS LOGIC WILL CLEARLY TELL YOU IN MOST CASES YOU WILL BE SHOT. OR, You could try chosing LOGIC and you could ask HOW, causing you to wrestle the gun away from the invader thus saving your life.

Example #2: You are in Debt in America. You only have months to react before the creditors foreclose. You could ask WHY am I in this mess, leading you to Watch the Moneymasters and Zietgiest and become a protester ranting about the current economic crisis. Later you are targeted as a dissenter and also hauled into jail with all freedoms being removed from you.

You could chose EMOTION and you could ask WHY, causing you to try to reason with the government. AS LOGIC WILL CLEARLY TELL YOU IN MOST CASES YOU WILL BE SHOT. Or you could choose LOGIC and ask, HOW did I get this way? This would lead you to realize that if everyone borrows then the government needs more IOU's. More IOU's means more money is printed thus reducing its value. As logic will clearly tell you, if you are in debt you are worth less than ZERO because your net worth is negative, and must repay the debt at all costs. You then take responsibility and clear the debt.

Example #3: The earth is losing the ability to support life due to a rapidly growing population that relies on convienience and technology at the cost of resources and environmental stability with a heavy dependence on foreign oil. You only have a few years to react. You could choose the EMOTIONAL question and ask WHY, can't the earth support more life? This leads you to green technology, clean coal, and the organic movement.

You create technology and advertizements to save the earth similar to the ones you used to try to save your dead mother from breast cancer. Now every one wears a green ribbon and pledges to recycle and reuse, but nobody stops fucking. Pretty soon the planet has even more people than recycling will help. Recycling and Reusing is about as effective as rinsing a plate. When the food is gone, the plate no longer matters.

The people no longer can eat because there is not enough food. The people begin to compete for resources in the final WORLD WAR. Nukes are launched on land that no longer supports life anyways. Everyone dies. AS LOGIC WILL CLEARLY TELL YOU IN MOST CASES YOU WILL BE SHOT. OR, you could chose LOGIC and deal with the CAUSE of the problem, in this case the people themselves. You put poisons in the food, air and water so that people die and only the strong survive by natural selection.

You use mind control like 911 to put people to war right away, when the stakes are lower so that the battles never escalate beyond reasonable means. You also use the tragedy to jumpstart the LIFEKILL statistics. You fight in the desert, tundra, and jungle because you want to keep the farmland valuable. You also use this war so that the heads of state profit from the resources aquired ensuring the survival of the elite over the masses because the elite are your friends and the masses are not. By picking LOGIC you dominate. By picking EMOTION you are subject to the rule of others. Example #1 Logic = Survival You survived because you isolated the cause and killed the invader. You took responsibility for your own life. Emotion = Death You were ruled by FEAR and saw the man (the invader) as being your superior. You gave the man ownership of your life by refusing to act to save it.

Example #2 Logic = Survival You survived because you isolated the cause and eliminated the debt. You took responsibility for your own life. Emotion = Death You were ruled by FEAR and saw the man (the party owed) as being your superior. You gave the man ownership of your life by refusing to act to save it. Example #3 Logic = Survival You survived because you isolated the cause and killed the sheeple. You took responsibility for your own life. Emotion = Death You were ruled by FEAR and saw man (the sheeple) as being your superior. You gave man ownership of your life by refusing to act to save it. Example #4: The Occultation: Through fear man gave responsibility for the course of their lives over to city-states of organized religious and concentrated political power instead of choosing to live in small self-reliant communities observing and coexisting in harmony with the science of nature." -- ZEROMESSIAH

"Be in control of your emotions - don't let them control you. Don't follow your feelings blindly. Your mind is *at least* as strong as your feelings, even stronger! Use your mind. USE IT!! Respect the authorities that need to be respected for your OWN benefit!" -- giggi

Trying to get a girl is like trying to get a phone or video game system. If you want "the best, newest and greatest one around" you're gonna hafta go into debt and pay out of the ass and then want to trade it for a better one in about 2 years....

Or if you stop being greedy and use common sense, you can get one that does the job, doesn't have a bunch of useless extra features, and keep it for as long as you need... am I rambling or does this make sense? -- vspring

"You people will never, Never Find Anyone Else LIKE HIVES, Never Forget That, Kill YourSelf if You DO. " -- StrangePeeps


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The honorable djhives is BACK to continue his controversial DIE SHEEPLE DIE! series.  Coming December 2014 "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE-OWNER.  The master of esoteric knowledge and occult illuminati TRUTH takes you down a SENSITIVE ROAD.... banned by pubishers worldwide, Mr.hives has worked dillgently to get the latest volume in the DIE SHEEPLE DIE series published successfuly.  To PRE-ORDER, visit:

Thursday, December 18, 2014


The honorable djhives is BACK to continue his controversial DIE SHEEPLE DIE! series.  Coming December 2014 "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE-OWNER".  The master of esoteric knowledge and occult illuminati TRUTH takes you down a SENSITIVE ROAD.... banned by pubishers worldwide, Mr.hives has worked dillgently to get the latest volume in the DIE SHEEPLE DIE series published successfuly.  To PRE-ORDER, visit:

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Received donation for pre-order of "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE OWNER" from JEFF E. from the Peoples Repblic of Tawain

Received donation for pre-order of "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE OWNER" from JEFF E. from the Peoples Repblic of Tawain

Email me DIRECTLY to CONFIRM your shipping address...


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CHOCOLATE-CAKE THEORY / A leter from Arcais

Dear Father Hives,

Hey Hives, how have you been doing? I wrote to you for TWO PARTS. The FIRST to say THANK YOU for all the awesome blog posts, motivating messages, and inspirational thought patterns you have put out for us.. It has really changed my life for the better. You have taught me so much about health and nutrition, about attitude towards business and personal life, to help us YOUR LOYAL FOLLOWERS succeed. I am also glad to see DSDV3 is happening and CIR copies are doing well.

THE SECOND reason I have written is because I have been having some health issues lately and came to the blog seeking advice of the intelligencia as well as yourself. I have a bad ringing in my ears which is preventing me from hearing what people are talking about and what is going on around me. I wanted to know if you knew of any remedies pertaining to this ailment.

You have taught me SELF-RELIANCE which i have carried out and already tried playing FOCTOR myself.

I have tried the following remedies handed down through the AYURVEDIC PRACTICES.

Garlic oil drops in the ear
Removal of Earwax in the ear (at Urgent care)
Onion juice drops in the ear
Sesame oil in the ear 

Dietary culprits of tinnitus are nightshade vegetables,  (tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco, etc.) coffee, cocaine etc.

Western doctors say that tinnitus can't be cured but from what i have researched the ringing is due to a blood sugar imbalance, allergies, and noise overexposure. I wear earplugs at work (I am a Union Electrician and work at noisy construction sites) and haven't listened to much of any music since the ringing started last year.

I've done acupuncture, taken Chinese herbs, have ordered Indian herbs (Ashwaghanda) to restore blood balance. 

I'm not sure what else to try but will continue the Ayurvedic treatment of using oils to calm the excess resonance and overactive mind. 

I am looking for an alternative method and am asking for help.



(Your faithful reader since the 06-07 era)
 Dear Son Archais,
What you did not mention in your letter to me was HOW or WHEN the ringing in your ear started.  But don't worry, father hives is here to help as I have EXTENSIVE knowledge and wisdom on the subject.  You see my son, when I was about 9 years old my brother and I were playing with those old-school 'snappers' that were popular in the 70's and 80's the kind of look like a little garlic stalk, and in them are minue crystals of gunpowder (to those of you now from this era -- YES they gave CHILDREN EXPLOSIVES to play with as toys...) -- anyway when the idea of this 'toy' was that you got a little pack of about 30 of them for about 25 cent -- you would take one, throw it on the ground and they would make a POP or SNAP... you would be amusded throwing them at things and objects to either scare them or just dleight in the sound of a loud, almost -gun-shot type of 'bang'...
Here is what they looked like:

They were probably about the coolest toy a kid of our age-range could play with....

...until one fateful day.......

On this day we somehow scored the covoted box pop-pop snappers seen above -- I don't know how we got them but we did.  We came up with the stupid idea of having me run around whilst my brother would throw them at me.  Like a game of high-risk dodge-ball with noise.  So the game began as I dodged 10 or 15 snappers as they landed at my feet.  Naturally they begain to be thrown closer and closer to my head by my brother (we stood about 20 feet from each other to make it harder to 'hit' me)... anyway, midway through a one in billion occurence happened.  From 20 feet away while running like a farm rooster the 1/4" snapper landed directly in my right ear-hole -- and BANG went off directly in my ear.

Game Over.

My life [at the time] would never be the same again.  

Instantly I heard what can only be described as a pipe-organ on a high-note go ape-sh*t in the right side of my head.  It was CONSTANT, disorenting and depressing.  The next day I went to school and had to adjust myself to the loss of hearing and CONSTANT ringing in my ear.  Everything looked and 'felt' different.  I felt handicapped.  Yet I looked fine.  Soon I told my parents what happened, and they took me too the foctor a few weeks later.  And would you take a guess at what the focotr said to me?  And here's a hint - the SAME SH*T they say today when you go to see a foctor:  YOU LOOK FINE.  YOUR EARDRUM LOOKS HEALTHY.  UNDAMAGED.  Everything is A-ok.

But the rining persisted.


I will spare you the details of the torment of constant ear-ringing as a child.  But it was ruthless and debilitating.  Though as a resilant young-buck, I carried on....

Then about 4 years passed and I enetered highschool -- suddenly ---- like magic.............. the ringing went away.  Dub-t-Eff I thought to myself.... but it was gone.... quickly I rejoiced and carried on with my teen-life...trolling arcades and reading video-game magazines....  About 3 years went by and I walked into one of the more ghetto arcades downtown which always had thier games on full blast.  They had just gotten a fresh new game, Sega's "AFTERBURNER" (1987) -- it was so biblically AWESOME and the guy running the arcade had it cranked on BLAST.  I could not pull myself away from this game.  From either playing it or watching it (you had to wait your turn to play in the long lines) I must have stayed in that arcade for 6 hours that night.. way too long --- after I left, the RINING in my ear returned.

Once more I spun into misery.

Constant ringing for about 2 more years, until one day I went to the hospital for what I later know to be a paranoid schizophrenic anxiety attack.  This pannic attack was so bad I thought I was going to die.  I spent 5 days in the hospital convinced I was dying.  After countless foctors assured me I wasnt - they released me.  When I came out of the hospital on the 5th day -- the RINING in my head was GONE -- it had vanished again........ it has been GONE for DECADES now....

So here is my wisdom for YOU my son.  The brain has an interesting way of working.  -- and it is ALL elecrical.  What you feel, hear, and see CAN and IS affected by your MENTAL outlook.  Looking back - I got anxious the FIRST time it began to ring (when the popper thing happened) - I was so worked up and tramatized by it, that I focused on it so long that my brain ALLOWED it to persist.

Sounds crazy but it's not.  It works like this:

Close your eyes and image eating a piece of CHOCOLATE CAKE.  Just sit there an IMAGINE IT.  Can you taste it in your mouth??  Can you smell it?  Yeeeed you CAN!  Even though there is NOTHING in your mouth, your BRAIN, if you allow it to, can "CREATE" a chocolate cake in your 'mouth' for you to 'taste' -- during tramatic or stressful events your brain get's "STUCK" on the imaginary chocolate-cake.  Suddenly you taste chocolate cake ALL THE EFFING TIME!  Constantly!  And the more you think about it the more you taste it.  And the more anxious you are about it - the MORE IT REMAINS "in your mouth"....

You feel meh?

GOOD.  I know you do.

Now I don't know what happened to YOU - but I KNOW that your ringing is either stress or anxiety related or trama-related.  What you need to do is to 'stop imagning the taste of chocolate cake in your mouth' --- HOW do you do this?

Look at my own examples:

My ear rang from 5th or 6th grade CONSTANTLY--------UNTIL HIGHSCHOOL.

What happened?

Simple:  The 'excitement' of highschool DISTRACTED me enough to 'forget' about my ear... puberty, new school, 'almost an adult', parents gave me more independence, grwoing muscles, body changing, facial hair, pimples, growing in height, new teachers, new students, new location, new way of life, NEW NEW NEW.......suddenly I had to "TASTE" sooooooooo many things in life that I "FORGOT" how to "TASTE" the "chocolate cake" (ear rining).

But 3 years later when Afterburner came out my earrining alll came back!  I focus on the brown-cake again....
But then a few years later I got DISTRACTED by the prospect of DEATH - so much so that again, I forgot how to taste the cake.......
So what YOU need to realize is that no foctor can 'cure' ear-rining becasue its not tangable - they look at your eardrum and if its not torn or ripped, it aint nuttin' wrhong witchu....
The DEVIL is in YOUR OWN BRAIN.  Forget about the vegetables and vitamins.  That aint it.  What you need to do is figure out why you are 'stuck' on your ear and begin to distract yourself from it by:
1) fugure out what's REALLY bothering you in life (relationship, debt-notes, location, unfinished business, goals, etc)
2) accomplish, abandon, face, resolve these issues
3) distract yourself
Now some things are harder than others to simply 'forget about' -- but you gotta be honest with yourself... in my experence, bordeom, idleness, and lust for exedency caused me to 'taste chocolate' when there wasnt any cake stuffed in my hole...
for YOU it may be something else.
What ever you need to do:  quit your job, change your job, marry your wife, divorce your wife, move to a different city, leave the country, take up your dream to be a professional surfer...
once you do THAT your MIND will have more things to focus on besides 'yummy fluffy, chocolatey, yum-yum, hot gooyed fudge pudding velvety goodness' on your tounge...
REMEMBER:  Your BRAIN tells you what chocolate tastes like.  This IMPRESSION usually leaves when a person is well balanced.  However you, I, and everyone on this blog KNOWS from MEMEORY (brain impressions) WHAT chocolate tastes like from EXPEREINCE.
Most people put it out of their minds unless they are eating it.
However... if you obsess (like during times of stress, trama, or anziety) and keep obsessing on the taste of chocolate in your mouth - you "WILL" TASTE IT!
That's what's going on with your ears (read BRAIN) my Son. To cure it, simply START LIVING.  Only YOU know what that is to YOU......

-- Sweet Daddy hives 


Friday, October 10, 2014

Another letter from Son Zorich/ aka Seargent "V" (part 10)


"Dear fisherman hives aka honorable father of Sons,

Today at the gym, a tall built black guy that I could tell was "that one"...a hater..."knocked" on my shoulder like he was knocking on a door, between my sets as I was watching some soccer match. "You on this?", he said. Now, it may sound like no big deal, but it was more of a pushy, get out of my way, I'm challenging you kind of thing. I was still watching the soccer match, as I saw him staring me down the other day and in the exact same area (the pull up bar between cable crossover exercise area) and I was standing there recovering from my set...he came walking up to me like I was to get out of his way and we both looked at eaach other, I was cool, he looked a real d**k. And I didn't move...he walked right past me. So, I thought "who knows me that well enough up in here to tap on my shoulder like that? And after a second or two, I did a half turn towards him and said "go ahead". And then as I was walking with my bag to leave, I had to go past him, but as I was coming abreast of him, he crosses my path so I have to divert mine.

I know there will always be haters, but I am SO tired of dealing with that...been a thing that I've had to deal with my entire life. How do you create presence of relaxed, playful physical/mental dominance? Not the scared dog that is looking to bite anyone around him (as even when I try to relax in public situations, that's how I feel I'm projecting myself)....where other men know to think twice than to mess with you...they can sense it.  Is it through being a real man and experiencing difficult things and pushing yourself so that everything else is "turned down" so to speak?

I felt very disrespected by his tapping on my shoulder. Like a "How dare you touch me like that, you plebe!" reaction. And especially how a man like that looks at me...where I have to divert my eyes so that I don't let the situation go somewhere it doesn't need to. Let the haters hate, but I'd rather have it where they don't. Let them hate on someone else.

Your son,



Dear Son Ryan,

I toughouly enjoyed this take of NATURAL JUSTICE/NATURAL LAW. Punks always jump up to get beat down -- I call it yappy-dog-syndrome. For some reason, lessers seem to like instigating beatdowns from those who are superior to them. Have you ever noticed how some sheeple just BEG to be bat down, either physically or verbally? I have noticed this my entire life. What is going on is your typical PIMP - HOE eletrogenisis. Basically the hoe is looking for a pimp. I have noticed, like the benevolency before me, that the WEAK actually SEEK the STRONG to DOMINATE them. This may seem counter intuitive to some of you who foolishly think every man wants to take care of himSELF. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Hoes are abound each and every day, in your town and mine, LOOKING FOR PIMP.

Above is an example of a HOE that has FOUND her pimp. As such she is relaxed, dapper, obedient, chipper, and svelte.

This is the GOAL of the WEAK to find a PROTON to attach to. But you might be surprised to see HOW these electrons go about finding a pimp... typically they disribute the most foul and wickedly outrageous public bee-hivior in an attempt to get the pimps attention by displaying how WEAK they are and how utterly unable they are to maintain any basic SELF CONTROL or self discipline....

Now, what we see ABOVE at first seems like the dog hates its owner. But does it? Yes the dog IS annoying ans seeks to ANNOY its owner - but ONLY in the same capacity that a crying baby seeks to annoy its mother - in other words its wanton beligerent annoyances are merely a display of HELPLESSNESS, and helplessness is what pimps seek from hoes.
Coming soon: The NEW BOOK by the honorable djhives
Die Sheeple Die!, Volume 3: SLAVE OWNER©
Coming November 2014 - PRE ORDER NOW!

How many countless times have you observed sheeple "ASKING FOR IT"... honking their horns, yelling at bar patrons, making comments in lines, STARTING SHIT THEY CANT FINISH. HOW is it so many sheeple can seemingly BEG to get their ass kicked by others? Are they stupid? Well sort of - but thats not the point, for they KNOW exactly that they are doing and they want to be PUT IN THEIR PLACE. They want a DADDY. A good rock solid stong post-office DADDY to restore ORDER in their miserable lives! Is that not the reason any prostitute seeks a mack-daddy?

Let us now turn to EXHIBIT "N":

The above NIGGER BITCH aka the 'black woman' is enough to make your skin crawl? Observing this creature in public you will notice some of the most LOUD, ABONOXIOUS, CHICKEN-FED, downright NIGGARDLY bee-hivior spewing forth from its SHE-APE babboon lips. In short it is DUSGUSTING, VILE beyond words in ANY language. A human CHIMP Xanax ape black HEATHAN with of all things STRAIGHTENED HAIR to look like a honkey bitch. LOL! My POINT is that these SILVER-BACK GORRILLAS with white-people wigs on their heads are without a doubt THE *MOST* LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS PEOPLE IN ANY COUNTY.

I walk down the street and I hear "yeeiah he on axe me if I ont wan be doin shieeeit fuccck biiiosh.." etc. etc. EBONIC NIGGERCUNT BULLCRAP!!! YOU FOOLS KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT! When you are sitting there in the park alone trying to enjoy a tea when you suddenly hear monkey-talk in packs in the distance and you say to your self "I HEAR NIGGER" "I HEAR NIGGER!" "HERE NIGGER NIGGER NIGEER OOOOWWWWWEEEE OOOOOWWWEEEEEEE SQUEAK SQUAAEEAKK SQQUUUAAAAKK" -- and every INSTINCT in your body wants you to STAMP this black niggershit ebonica zulu ape water buffalo into non-existence... you immediately go into FIGHT OR FLIGHT mode.. then quickly realize that a black female, objectively speaking, is the lowest form of life anywhere inside the entire solar system. Goddam bathroom floor centipedes cringe and vomit when they hear the sound of black women coming their way. Anyway most realize that since black women arent even worth fighting, they simply move along to a quieter area hopefully devoid of fried chicken outlets and hair straightening salons. Oh how that BLACK FEMALE APE just LOVES to fry her hair like WHITEY and then CALL HERSELF "BLACK" --- "YEAH I BE BLACK, I JUST BE WALKIN ROUND WITH WHITEYS HAIR ON MAH HEAD CAUSE I LOOK LIKE AN APE WIT-OUT IT! YEAH I BE BLACK!" --- irony CUBED!!

Anyways - my POINT is everyone this side of the Crab Nebula knows black women are LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS. *HOW* is this so???? The REASON is they are simply doing this:


You see - since black women are the LEAST DESIRABLE thing a man wants to stick his penis in they must be as LOUD and 'YAPPY' as possible to attract a potential PIMP (extreeme longshot BTW) - THEREFORE the black woman shall always be loud and obnoxious. Her constant unfatomable beligerence is merely her seeking for someone, ANYONE (or thing) to put her in her place.

Look fools its simple. Those elctrons that have a pimp are quiet. Those who dont, YAPP - begging to be beat and dragged to restore ORDER in their scary hopeless lives (read a black womans life). If they still dont find a pimp, they simply act more and more helpless (beligerent). As such the next time you see a SIMIAN on the street engaging in some seemingly ILLOGICAL action (ie road rage, line cutting, smack talking, etc.) rest assured that this is NOT chaos, he has NOT 'lost his mind' - he is simply looking for YOU (or someone STRONG) to CONTROL HIM. Whenever I have encountered any situation like this and I then bark back, they proceede to melt like butter and turn into faggots with their asses in the air like a cat in heat -- its like they're literally ready to receive my penis -- its as if my barking at them gave them everything they didnt have (a daddy to tell them right from wrong since they cant figure it out on their own). The passive-agressive 'insitigator' that you describe in your story Son Zorich im sure wanted to be FRIENDS with the YOU once you 'beat him' up shortly thereafter... am I right?

Todays lesson is to learn how to decipher human electron avenue walkers looking for a mack daddy to free them from themselves. The fool running loose ont he street looking for a fight, is really looking for a father. Be that daddy and exploit your new WHORE for all shes worth (not much if she is a black nigger female)

Let us again look at EXHIBIT "N":

Above is a PERFECT and COMMON example of A HOE SEEKING A PIMP! For a *seemingly* unknown reason a man picks a fight with a bigger man just BEGGING for an ass whipping. And when daddy delivers the goods all is well in little D'Timothys black brain - for now he feels the love and security that only the PIMP HAND can bring. Now grounded, D'Timothy will walk the streets knowing that SOMEONE LOVES HIM.

Who is daddy?

Daddy is that person who yells, beats, disciplines and gives ORDER in the family structure. He is the proton.

Who is mommy?

Mommy is the person who is 5'2, and physically useless other than for the improtant tasks of cooking, cleaning, and baby-making (fucking) which makes daddy work (provide) better.

Together they form an atom which is the code of the universe.

If mommy feels insecure she will act foolish to prove her helplessness and therefore NEED for a protonic pimp.

Perhaps D'Timothy lost his job (at McDonalds) or got laid off. He simply wanted SOMEONE *STRONG* to beat him down SIMPLY TO REASSURE HIM THAT STRONG PEOPLE STILL EXIST (PIMPS) - AND SINCE STRONG PEOPLE STILL EXIST (AS EVIDENCED BY THE MAN WHO BEAT HIM DOWN) THEN THERE IS HOPE THAT HE CAN NEST UP UNDER ANOTHER PIMP IN THE FUTURE (get a job at Burger King). This is why punks jump up to get beat down.

--father hives
Coming soon: The NEW BOOK by the honorable djhives
Die Sheeple Die!, Volume 3: SLAVE OWNER©
Coming November 2014 - PRE ORDER NOW!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE OWNER© (teaser trailor #1)

The Series Continue!  DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE OWNER© - the NEW BOOK by the honorable djhives -- PRE-ORDER NOW!

©  2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

SUCCESS stories from "whosyourdiddy"

SUCCESS stories from "whosyourdiddy"

This one is titled: "Haters Tryna Scratch A PIMPS Paint!"






Wednesday, September 17, 2014




Allow 10-15 days for international shipping to the Republic of Canada...



Received donation for "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE OWNER" from "Danny Boeser" from the Peoples Republic of Austrailia

Received donation for PRE-ORDER of "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3: SLAVE OWNER" from "Danny Boeser" from the Peoples Republic of Austrailia

Email me directly to confirm your shipping address...


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More Letters from Ylli - part 9

"Dear Benevolent and Honorable Father Hives,

.... Thank you for your recent advice on Pirates ( about getting women...

Yes these 2 guys are indeed black... 

I did set the BAR to high and talked to girls with big asses and big tits hot etc... it was all fun but never got far... i deluded myself that she is mine i got entitled... 

U right im sexually insecure i got a little action but still...  never thought about starting allllllllllllllll the way at the bottom like that donkey kong game.. 

Which by the way was a super funny and treu example !! 

Hives i felt like i did enough to win her... but when i found out about the other black guys means i did not win her... 

So im going alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll  the way down... i had to much pride i thought i DESERVE the best looking woman. but nope hives ur right i can deserve them but i cant change the game... ill play it... 

I want to get rif of this insecure unconfident jelly feeling.. so.. 

Here i go level 1 exp:0 ...

Your Loyal Follower,

=Son Ylli"


Dear Son,

ATTA BOY!  You see my son, you START the game at 'level 1' not at 'the last stage'.  You start at 'start' and END at the 'pot of gold' -- not the other way around.  Tis' natures divine way my child.  And don't ever forget it, let you delue yourself like you've done recently.  Remember - just becasue you can "SEE" the pot of gold, or the hot-chick, or the Red Ferrari, or the private island, or the boss jewels, doth NOT means it 'belongs to you'.  I know you are 1/2 white - but it does not "ENTITLE" you to jack-sh*t.  Entitlement is a problem of the Millineal generation (anyone born after 1981).  Add h*nkey into the mix and you have ENTITLEMENT CUBED.  You are NOT entitled to anything Ylli - if you want the REAL prize then you gon' have to put in REAL work n*gga!

Nature doesnt 'owe' you sh*t.  Nature PWNS YOU.  You play by HER divine rules or she sends you to Darwinville on the Challenger space shuttle.  So come correct.  What I've said time and again you must never forget, and that is, when you SEE people with 'the prize' - they didnt just wake up one day, walk outside and have 'the hot, bangin woman' just fall into thier laps.  Instead they had to START where you are starting, and where I had to start to.  At the BOTTOM.  The new DORK in the club or at the party that cant dance, has NO STYLE, has NO SKILLS with chicks, wants to get laid but cant, NO DEBT NOTES, no swagger, NO GAME, AND A BAD F*CKING HAIRCUT!

This is where EVERY guy 'starts' if he is HONEST with himself.  Like EVERYTHING in life if you wanna get good at something or learn to WIN at something you gotta start slow, biuld your own expereince, and then raise the bar until you GET the prize you are after...

You g*ddamn Millenials -- with your participation-trophies and 'no child left behind' expect to get the Red Ferrari, 'just becasue you want it'....  that's not the way the world works my son.  Nothing worth having is EVER 'easy' - the extacy of success comes with an [initial] HARDSHIP -- be it physical, mental, or both....  You are a skateboarder right?  Theres no joy in the easy tricks, onyl the harder ones -- YET YOU STARTED at the 'easy' tricks right?  If you had no skateboarding XPerience and just started doing crazy pimp tricks you would have ended up in a ball of smoke... JUST like you did with this woman who prefers to get double-tagged by black men and not your pink penis.


..You MAY have 'thought you did enough to win her' -- but guess what:  YOU DIDN'T!

You gotta do MORE -- MUCH MORE.  Welcome to reality: Sometimes it's hard.

But reality it is nonetheless.  You gotta do more Ylli.  And to figure out what you gotta do 'more' you gotta start AT YOUR LEVEL.  LEVEL 1.  And LEARN how the game works FIRST before you get all cocky and over-confident with yourself.  I'm not saying go pick some fugly chick (though that is an option..) just pick an average to below-average chick and learn the game.  Sh*t, when I was your age I'd shagg anything that moved -- I just wanted to get expereince - to 'see how it all worked' before I moved up to those women Slim could get...

So again - slow it down and begin where a n00b should begin.  RESPECT THE GAME, and RESPECT those that have BETTER than you becasue they werent 'lucky' or 'born rich' or 'born beautiful' -- instead they LEARNED THE GAME and WON.

--Lord Father


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Yet another letter from YLLI part 7

"Dear father djhives,

It took me some balls to wright you this cuss i dont like to admit it... 

I am jealous... my first expiernce of being jealous was with this woman... we did not have a relationship yet we where very close and touchy.. i liked this woman allot... 

Then i found out she is seeing two guys... NOW i know you taught me these 2 guys are not there BEND urself and i want to but i just got sooo jealous i dont want to be but i am !! 

Now this is weird to me... there is 1000s  sorts of pussy out there yet this one im obsessing with and i HATE it... why does the idea of her being with other guys make me jealous and Anakin-like... even tho i can get out there and find other woman IM STILL jealous !! 

I hate to admit this father djhives... is there anyway i can overcome this jealousy its not fun and i dont want to be yet i cannot stop this emotion its just inside me and i feed it... 

Ive been feeling like Anakin... 
Your Son and Loyal Servant,

Dear Son,
The primary reason you are feeling your e-motions of jelousy is becasue you are a VIRGIN.  And a young virgin at that...  What bothers you the most is not the fact that she is 'seeing' 2 other guys -- what bothers you is the fact that she is BONING two other guys while you are still a VIRGIN.  This bothers you becasue you feel inadequete to please her -- after all it is their black penises that are penetrating her honor and not your own pink white one right?  Right.  But that's reality my son -- there is ALWAYS going to be something you don't have, or something or someone you can't get or get with.  This is the brutal reality of life.  As I have told you in the past, what would life be if everything was handed to you on a silver platter without effort OR failure OR emotion?  That would be called death -- which you could aregue is the same thing as a UTOPIA -- limitless perfecton where nothing goes wrong.
Now -- back on track.  You are jealous of the the other guys becasue you feel like an inadequate virgin.  You feel those other two black guys she is shagging are BETTER than you.  And guess what n*gger: THEY ARE!

...The world is not Ylli's kingdom of Win.  There is sh*t you WILL get and a LOT MORE sh*t you WON'T EVER HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING.  What seperates BOY from MAN is how you deal with this FACT OF LIFE.  Your little sweetheart poon is interested in the two black studs and you, but since she's young shes just out to get laid - LIKE YOU.  So she, like all young chicks your age, is just 'f*cking around' -- getting her sexual exerience on.  Do you blame her?  Of course not.  For you to feel JEALOUS is inmature - because - what the F*** have YOU done to "WIN" her?  What's that?  NOTHING? or how about "NOT ENOUGH".  One of those two answers is the right one my son - and that's why you are feeling jealous.  Sh*t doesnt "belong' to you just becasue 'Ylli wants it'.  That's nice - but she likes the two big black guys over there - not you.

So you can be JEALOUS all you want - like I was of Slim's chocolaley goodness back in the day - but it wont get you anywhere.  Instead you have to realize that this particular piece of trim, at this particular time in your life DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU.  YOU DONT GET TO HAVE IT.  YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER OF IT.  Two other negroes 'beat you to it'.  Lick your wounds with your little pink scratchy cat tounge and MOVE ON to something more "IN YOUR LEAUGE".  Do this until you build CONFIDENCE.  Which is what you lack.  And virgins and males with LIMITED sexual exeperiences are NOTORIOUS for being unconfident, insecure, inmature, tantrum trhowing little TWATS.  I know because I WAS ONCE ONE!  So what YOU need to realize is that you aren't gonna be the DON MECCA right out of highschool.  You are a little 18 year old twerp that needs to PAY HIS DUES and LEARN THE GAME.  You do this buy purging yourself of your delusions that 'you are entitled to all the good stuff (poon)' 'just becasue you want it'.  So does everyone else n*ggar.  And when someone has something you want it's easy to get JELLY of them.  YOU are JELLY because your expectatons are unrealistic AND you feel INSECURE about your sexual abilities becasue you have NONE (you are a virgin).

So my honorable advice for you is to slow your role and build your SEXUAL expereinces up.  That means NOT going for the "10" or the BEST looking chick at the club/bar/party like Anakin did... You need to FIRST fix your INSECURITY before you even THINK about going after the hot chicks.  And your FIRST and BIGGEST insecurity right now is *SEXUAL EXPEREINCE*.  You need to hit up the bars, find a fat chick, a black chick, a "4" or "5", a slut, a chick with acne -- someone you don't care about, and HIT IT.  You need to get with some 'average chiks' or 'less than savory chicks' and get some sexual expereince and sexual confidence.  By setting the bar low, you get your feet wet, which then builds confidence to get better things.  When I started learning auto mechanics I didnt just jump in and start by dropping the transmission and changing the clutch.  I started by doing a SIMPLE oil-change -- remove one bolt, drain, spin off the filter, spin on a new one, fill with oil, put the bolt back on - done.  Whew.  I did an oil change.  That wasnt so bad.  Now I'm more CONFIDENT, what can I do next...

From then on I began to do 'bigger' stuff and 'harder stuff' - again building my CONFIDENCE each time.  Now transmissions, clutches, gas tanks, fuelpumps, suspension parts, and even body work are thoughtless tasks that I can do relativley efforlessley.  GETTING P00N is the same way!  Start with an 'oil change' to BUILD your confidence.  Once you do that first 'oil change' and pop your cherry (loose your virginity) -- you'll feel confident that women will like you sexually.  So then you wont feel as insecure when you meet a chick who is shagging two other black men becasue YOU will feel CONFIDENT that you can (in some ways) DO THE SAME THING (sexually) THAT THEY ARE DOING... get it?  Good.  Keep getting sexual expereince with 'low-grade' females and keep raising the bar as you gain XPereince.  THIS is the TRUE way to solve  your SEXUAL INSECURITY problems which manefest presently as jealousy.  It's like me going to NASCAR and being jealous of Dale Enhardt Junior or whatever.  Well n*gga, I anint never got behind a wheel of a race car, so of COURSE I might be a little JELLY.  If you want something you gotta PRACTICE.  Start small, and then get XP, then go bigger.  Simple as that.  Don't get on the court and think you should be JORDAN when you aint never picked up a basketball before.

You have ZERO sexual expereince - so of COURSE your gonna be jealous of the two n*ggers tag-teaming your little Super Mario Brothers pink princess p*ssy.  They have sexual expereince, you dont. 
SO "START HERE" at the BEGINING of the game Ylli - now at THE END where "YOU WIN"
I tell you time and again - the Arcade in the 80's was fun because you started at the bottom and had to EARN your way to the TOP...
Life and women works the SAME as Donkey Kong.
A BIG BLACK MUSCULAR STRONG N*GGER is all the way at the top with your white b*tch f*cking her HARD in the GILLS.  YOU are a lil' white-boi ALLLL the way at the BOTTOM.  You can be jelly all you want - it wont change a thing -black king kong got your white girl.  You dont just get to magically fly to the top and shamrock the princess -- what type of GAME would that be?  WOuld it be any fun?  OF course it would'nt!  So start by learning to f*ck chicks that look like wooden-barels and fireballs --- then when you get good at that you'll get more confident, then donkey kong wont seem like such a threat ----- all you will see is your princess at the top --- and you will no longer sabotage yourself from PLAYING THE GAME according to the PROGRAMMERS(natures) rules.

Don't change the game Ylli.

PLAY the game.  Hot p*ssy is not EASY.  But then again - why should it be?
Remember these honorable words from father hives my son:





Thursday, September 11, 2014

Received donation from "SCALE" aka "The Amazing Marcell" for secret-forum re-entry...

Received donation from "SCALE" aka "The Amazing Marcell" for secret-forum re-entry...


--Lord Father ...


Wednesday, September 10, 2014



Remember to allow 10-15 days for 3rd-world international shipping...

Also a tracking number will be emailed to you as well...




Another letter from Michael Almquest - AKA "Ermanti" Part IV

"Dear benificent Father Hives

I wanted to wait till I had something positive to tell you about before I sent you an update. 'm sure you don't want to hear about the trouble I ran into in texas. After two months, I finally have a handle on scrapping, I more or less fell into it, as my craigslist ads for contracting have proved less than fruitful. Lots of wasted time and energy going out to do quotes with no results. Perhaps with your sage advice I would have been able to land some, but most of my debt notes have gone into repairs on my vehicle and netting me a nice two bedroom in the ghetto, only 425 a month, surrounded by nice older ladies and gentlemen of color. No gangbangers or noisy parties or crackheads.

In my off time, I have been studying robert greene's the art of seduction and the 48 laws of power almost religiously. It has been eye opening how crass I have been earlier in life, and where I have been going wrong in both business and in my love life. How Ihave been too cold towards peope, and while it will be a struggle to learn to use words to play on e-motions, I plan on mastering it anyway.

I have come to realize that my biggest weakness in ife is not, in fact, my inability to seduce and pla the courtier. You were right all along, it is my addictive personality. last month, after a bit of a power struggle with my friend over the division of labor in our scrapping business, I fell back into video games. Obsessively playing baldur's gate (ENHANCED!!!!EdITION!!!) till 5 or 6 in the morning. Also my crackhead-like tendancies to obtain tobacco, like searching resturaunt ashtrays for butts to smoke in a pipe, and buming smokes off random people in the street. I was spending most of my scrapping money on pot as well before my 2 week hiatus, during the previously mentioned scuffle, last month. I have been a month off the pot now, and have scaled down to smoking a pipe for my tobacco needs. I'm still fighting these addictions.

your son


Dear Son,

As you know I have written about my own struggles with addiction many times in the past.  Addiciton is not only a problem for the sheep, but remains a problem for the intelligencia as well.  My largest addictions were primarily gambling and alchol.  The former formed many of my opions early on about society -- in essence I saw society --and its trappings as one gigantic craps table.  A bunch of  flashy 'get rich quick' illusions formulated specifically for SUCKERS, DUPES, and THE LAZY.  And each and every time I gambled this was indeed ME.  What YOU must keep in mind with addiction is that it it REPLACES a "NATURAL HIGH" almost ALWAYS.  When I gambled -- was I 'looking for money' -- OR was I MISSING something ELSE?  When I drank was I 'looking for a buzz' or again was I trying to FEEL something ELSE?

Being an addict is harmless in and of itself.  The PROBLEM arises when you don't REALIZE what it is that you are TRULY 'covering up' with your addiction....

For instance - I once broke up with a long-time girlfreiend -- to cope I hit the bottle -- HARD.  So long as you REALIZE what you're doing and WHY (requires brutal honesty with YOURSELF) - the addictive bee-hive-iors can be 'reversed' or 'elminated'.  The problems happen when you FORGET why you are drinking, gambling, playing video games until 5 in the morning, or smoking weed 4 times a day.  Everyone needs a CRUTCH from time to time - this is true of both the cattle and the elite... even the ANIMALS get drunk:

Alchol is a sedetaive -- tobacco releases endorphins (orgasm aftermath feelings) -- gambling is an acute high-paced fantasy-zone...

..the list of 'addictions' goes on an on....

What YOU must always be CONSCIENTIOUS of is the REAL meaining/desire behind your addictions -- once you accomplish this you can find the NATURAL (relitvey speaking) 'cure' to your PROBLEM.  I drank ALOT MORE when I was in Philly, than when I moved to the MIDDLE OF THE DESERT at Camp hives.  In fact I quit drinking for over a YEAR.  Now, does Mr. hives STILL DRINK?  OF COURSE I DO.  Does Mr. hives still hit 'rock bottom' and hit the brown-liqour excessivley at times?  ABSOLUTLEY.  But in doing so does Mr. hives REALIZE what he is doing?  D@MN SKIPPY.

You see my son - you must ALWAYS *KNOW* what it is you are trying to drink-away, gamble away, smoke away, snort away, play-away, or whatever else-away -- .. by being HONEST with yourself, your 'addiction' becomes LOGICAL, MANAGABLE, and "FIXABLE" --- in other words it lessens in severity, frequency, and amplitude -- in plain street language: IT KEEPS YOU FROM BEING A TOTAL LOSER and regains CONTROL.

BUT........ and this is a big 'but':

You GOTTA be honest with yourself about what you problem is.  Philly made me drink too much.  Made me gamble too much too.  Now Im not 'blaming' ANYONE other than MYSELF.  And I had to BEND myself in order to fix these problems.  In my particular instance it involved a change of location -- in your instance it may require a change in some other aspect of your life.  The point is, every time you roll up your green grass and give it a blowjob you gotta say to yourself "Why am I doing this right now -- now REALLY, WHY AM I DOING THIS?"  The answer could be "I broke up with my girlfreind and never got over it" or "I never had a good relationship with my father"  or "Im 70 pounds overweight" or "I have bad acne" -- WHATEVER the 'answer is' you must be CONCIOUS OF IT each and every time you engage in 'addivtice bee-hive-iors'....

The MASSES get up and rat-race DAILY ..going to their 'busness parks' to slave for 10 hours each day -- I DONT.  Why?  Becasue im NOT ADDICTED to debt, material pomp, credit cards, mcmansions, or 'keeping up with the Joneses' (because I AM "JONES" N*GGA!) and so forth...  and the masses could 'undo' thier slavery is they simply ASKED themselves 'why am I doing this' each time they sipe a credit card or take out a bank loan.... but they don't --- thus they become 'slavery addicts'...

My son - HONESTY and THE MIRROR are the hardest thing to face 'head on' --- but if you find the weight in your b@lls to do so - you WILL overcome your addictive personality...

Im NOT saying done ever light up or get crunk - im saying dont EVER DELUDE YOURSELF as to THE REAL REASON you do so --- for if you remain delusional you will remain trapped.  So take that smoke of grass, but at the same time say to yourself  "this is some good grass yo, makes me feel good - and I NEED to feel better because my self esteem is low, I have no job, and I'm insecure about where to go next in my life"... by doing this - you will be MUCH more inclined to fix these problems rather than continue with your addiction...  Remember - when you find your self being 'addictive' its natures way of telling you to ACT - to grow some nuts and FIX your problem FOR REAL...

You wanna know why Mr.hives GAMBLED OBSESSIVLEY?

Because I was INSECURE ABOUT MAKING MONEY, KEEPING A JOB, AND SUPPORTING MYSELF.  So I saw the Atlantic City craps table at Ceasars as the 'fantasy way out' (addiction).  Once I realized my TRUE reasons why I gambles (financial insecurity)  I began to find REAL answers to my insecurity problems.... REAL answers:

I began to stop FEARING the slave world (working a job) and began LEARNING how to KISS A$$ and UNCLE TOM so I could KEEP my slaves withut getting fired.  This then allowed me to make more debt-notes, and thus feel more SECURE because I was able to take care of myself.  The gambling (addiction) lessened as a result.  But still I wanted "MOAR" at times.  So again I cornered myself and asked myself WHY am I BACK at the dice-table AGAIN?

My answer was "I make good money, I can keep a job, but I HATE this place - I want money to 'get me out of here'"...... again by being honest with myself I realized I was UNHAPPY not with my debt-notes and slave, but my LOCATION and LIFE.  This led me to QUIT and begin the path of HUSTLING...  Now my son, I wont rant all day -- the point again is simple: KNOW why you are throwing those red dice.  That's the only way you'll fix it.......

--father hives



Saturday, September 6, 2014

DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 3 -- Coming November 2014 - the NEW BOOK by the honorable djhives - coming soon!

PRE-ORDER NOW by emailing the honorable djhives at:

Much more to come -- stay tuned....

-- Lord Father

Receved donation for "CIR" from "Alvaro Kcomt" from the Peoples Republic of Quebec Canada...

Receved donation for "CIR" from "Alvaro Kcomt" from the Peoples Republic of Quebec Canada...

ALLOW 10-15 days processing PLUS 10-15 days for shipping...


-- father judgement

Friday, September 5, 2014


J. Gram in NY, NY -- your book hath shipped!!

Remember - allow 5-10 days shipping time...



Received donation from "THYRETURNER" for SECRET FORUM ACCESS....

Received donation from "THYRETURNER" for SECRET FORUM ACCESS....

Email me directly for ACCESS-CODES TO ZION...


Tuesday, September 2, 2014


The sweet joys of SUCCESS.....

They sky is the limit diddy!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Recieved donaton for "CIR" and "DSDV2:16H" from J. Chaou from the Peoples Republic of Taiwan....

Recieved donaton for "CIR" and "DSDV2:16H" from J. Chaou from the Peoples Republic of Taiwan....


and remember* -- allow for PROPER processing and shipping times:  10-15 days for printing PLUS 10-15 days for international secure shipping...

--Lord Father