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"DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 2: SIXTEEN HUSTLES" - A book by the honorable djhives 235p., softback, © 2011-2012

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The long awated sequel in the DIE SHEEPLE DIE series by the most dis-credited auhor of all-time, the honorable djhives.

235+ pages! LARGE SOFTBACK -- THE satanists guide to business.

It is not enough to KNOW about the ILLUMINATI - you must LIVE like the illuminati!

Cock-size comparison to volume 1 - Volume 2, is bigger and bosser. Y'all niggers aint ready.


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You can ONLY order VOLUME 2 (16 hustles) though PAYPAL.

Books are now shipped SAME DAY - NO WAITING!

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"DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 2: SIXTEEN HUSTLES" - A book by the honorable djhives 235p., softback, © 2011-2012

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Hello fans, For some time now I have been secretly at work on what I believe will be the absolute SICKEST BOOK EVER: "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!" -- That's right. It's FINALLY HERE!

Many of you for years have been asking for a compilation or summation of all NEMESIS videos and djhives writings -- this book goes MUCH FURTHER - all teachings are re-edited including their original unedited transcrpitation from the original NEMESIS films. This is NOT a re-hash of NEMESIS films but rather a completely NEW and ORIGINAL 208 page pearl of knowledge like no other on the face of planet earth.

Lots of you have always wanted to SHARE the views you have learned from NEMESIS and hives with others, but found it to be difficult because of the un-choesive nature of the youtube videos. You demanded an easy way to spread this knowledge to the few you deemed to be worthy. Well, I can guarantee you, THIS IS THE BOOK you will want to get and share!

A standard softback, full color cover, publisher grade book - that's right - A REAL BOOK by hives! You will laugh, learn, and cry at the hurtful truths within. Everything you have come to expect from hives - and more - are jammed within each of it's 208 pages. Words and phrases you've all come to love like 'moran', 'cat-faggot', 'bubble-tard', 'moranasarus-rex'... all the insults are right here in what will no doubt be the new UNDERGROUND HARDCORE CONSPIRACY BOOK OF THE CENTURY. NO MERCY IS GIVEN IN THIS BOOK! No book has ever been more knowledgeable or controversial, or downright funny since perhaps when the bible was released.

It is my SINCERE HOPE --- yes HOPE -- that you all enjoy this book. It took ALOT of effort to write, alot of experience, experimentation -- and most of all ALOT OF BALLS!

I want to be CLEAR - I know not of ANY BOOK that has or ever will reveal the information that "Die Sheeple Die!" has within its pages. No book will explain in stunning, merciless candor - and in DETAIL, the TRUE origins of society, money, eclipse computers, the TRUTH about the illuminati, money, love, time, energy, amplification, the new world order.........and most of all: THE SHEEPLE! This is it! And it is my true hope that you enjoy and LIKE what I have spent the last YEAR compilng for you all.

Nemesis videos are scattered like chicken feed throughout cyberspace - it is my sincere hope that this new book will bring everything together - old and new - and define a new staple of intelligencia. It is my SINCERE HOPE that this book will GUIDE YOU AND HELP YOU IN LIFE - giving you the TRUE PATH TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL FREEDOM.

Sneak preview:


* The absolute sickest book ever - ALL NEMESIS videos re-discussed with the anger and passion of hives

* All new information and chapters

- including timergy, inductance, amplification, love, the NWO, AND MORE!

* Compiled facts about the Illuminati and the SHEEPLE not seen IN ANY OTHER BOOK ANYWHERE!

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- many fans are still short on understanding concepts put forth years ago by NEMESIS, this book creates an easy reference for TIMELESS intelectual growth!

* Your PERSONAL KEY to FREEDOM - the only book that clearly shows you the door, no bullshit, no nonsense.


by the honorable djhives Printed: 208 pages, 4.25" x 6.88", perfect binding, white interior paper (60# weight), black and white interior ink, white exterior paper (100# weight), full-color glossy exterior ink (one piece panaoramic cover) **Note some revisions have smaller font and contain 188 pages (same amount of content)

Price: $95 , this INCLUDES shipping to U.S.A., Mexico, or Canada, European orders add $20 more for shipping, all other international orders email for shipping rate

Availability: Not sold in stores, not available online, not available to women, only available DIRECTLY FROM HIVES

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I received the book today.
Absolutely brilliant man - the format cover -- everything. I already read almost half and to think about the unfiltered unedited knowledge that fell in my lap for some useless greenish paper brings tears to my eyes. Finally a REAL book like you said And thanks for signing it. It really means a lot to me coming from someone whos walking the path." --valah


"hives, I returned from a camping trip to find the new book waiting in my mailbox. Thank you djhives, I'm almost too excited to read it because I don't want to finish it. I think I'll do a chapter a day to savor it." --ThatGuy


"Hives!! Received today (tuesday - australia) with much thanks :)" --SirLaugh Alot


"Hey hives, I really liked the tits so im gonna buy the book..."`-- Peter



I'm about 3/4 of the way through the book. My plan was to savor the book but like trying to nurse a cold beer on a hot day I'm almost done. by the end of today i'll probably be finnished. Simply awesome collection of information from the blogs/nemesis vids. It flows and builds in the book and when reading it the baby steps you've planned are evident. Not being here from the start I've never watched the videos in order but have reviewed all of them, reading the book in order has lead to greater understanding and connecting of the subjects. If your thinking about it, just order your copy. Besides, it is worth it just to gauge peoples reactions when they see the cover. -- That Guy"

"Hives -- I got the book. It's great. I love a good fiction. lol. Seriously, awesome. Really, thanks for all your hard work. You are a true teacher. Even in your verbal whippings, you are teaching people who don't deserve to be taught. And instead of getting the point to rely on themselves instead of relying on you, they lash back and miss the lesson. " -- Jaques AKA Fab

"I'm deconstructing from my beehive upbringing thanks mainly to DJHIVES and nemesis. the hustle is growing. I'm getting out. thanks for helping me see the code. " -- Tardy

"Mr. hives!!!

I just received something!!!!! Hiiiiiihaaaaaaaaa Finally my copy of your masterpiece. Thx a lot I love it and I m sooo happy whit this copy dammmm, dammmm thx master." -- Hidden Hand

"Mr. Hives .....just got the book!! you have to put a disclaimer ??? it law ...??? so far...RAW,,,,your a fucken beast man .... " -- Kray

"Mister hives, i recived your book on today! I read the book and it was the best, it felt like I was talking to NEMESIS.... I loved the TIMERGY chapter! Thanks again mister hives!" -someone something "Mage hives, I Got the book a couple days ago and I'm nearly done. Its a hard copy treasure for anyone who has a brain." -- Itstimetospill "Djhives, I got your book!!! Thank You, I'm just lovin' it!!!" -- Ben M IS NOT RUN BY ME!!!!






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If you sent any money to PAYPAL to the IMPOSTER at you need to CONTACT PAYPAL AND REPORT FRAUD!!!

If you sent money to the IMPOSTER at for the book you need to CONTACT THE UNITED STATES POST OFFICE AND REPORT MAIL FRAUD!!!

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The Honorable Reggie Rawls Congressional NEMESIS Archive Book 1

The Honorable Reggie Rawls Congressional NEMESIS Archive Book 2

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"Degrees are, after all, easy to come by - you have only to memorize" --- Esther Vilar

"Why are people so dumb?? i will never again in my life get a credit card or take out any type of loan!!! i havent for over 3 years and i never will!!! hives is correct, you cannont get ahead by borrowing,,,you just wind up in debt all your life,,so all the money you make,,goes to your debt,,which means you cant spend your money on simple things that you want or need,, and the funniest part about this whole scam is the fact that your average moran (which is almost everybody) will go get into more debt as soon as they pay one debt off!!!! FUCKING RETARDS, short bus riding too many chromozone having mongoids!!!

hears a suggestion,,pay off all your debt,,and never EVER again borrow money,,,if you dont have the money to buy what you want ,,then save it up,,its as easy as 123, ABC, its really that simple,,,,oh but NOOOOO,,i got to have that new chrysler 300 with 3000 dollar rims and tinted windows and a 2000 dollar stereo system,,,so i can be in debt for the next 5 years and probly go to jail numerous times cause i look like a mark.

guess what dipshits,,,if the bank refuses to loan you money for whatever reason,,take it as a blessing in disguise,,now go take your money and safe it like any normal responsable person would do,,then buy your wants,,that way your not in fucking debt,,,,OMG its so easy it actually makes sense" -- titsnass

"Help YOURSELF or KILL yourself" --Hidden-Hand

"Alex Jones is like the best friend that the bitch runs to after her pimp fucked her, and complains about how terrible he treats her. The best friend will never do anything about it and the bitch will never quit the pimp she is addicted too." -- TheGreySpirit

"Behold the disenfranchised white male with no real power. now he knows how it feels to be black, so his only options are to find himself a preacher and sing slave songs about 401Ks, foreclosures, cubicles and baldness" -- SlalomHO

"People flock to leaders because they take no responsibility for their own protection. In the case of the Occultation: The ancients asked why, instead of asking how!

Why: implies knowledge coming from authority. How: implies knowledge coming from experience. If they looked up and asked how like the Watchers, they would know. Instead they asked why like the Joneses, and followed the ones who knew how. Alex Jones will never tell you HOW 911 really happened, just WHY.

The reason is when you look for HOW, why becomes less important. Sheeple ask why, why is always awnsered with "because of ______ that is HOW it works." Therefore by this method of inquiry, you will never know the cause, only the desired effect.

Example #1: Say you were a tribal islander and suddenly your friends head exploded because an invader pointed a gun at him and shot him. You only have seconds to react. You could chose EMOTION and you could ask WHY did the sun god come from the water and strike my friend with fire from his hand? This causes you to try to reason with the invader as if he is your god.

He then takes you on a slave ship to be worked to death like the horse he shot last week. AS LOGIC WILL CLEARLY TELL YOU IN MOST CASES YOU WILL BE SHOT. OR, You could try chosing LOGIC and you could ask HOW, causing you to wrestle the gun away from the invader thus saving your life.

Example #2: You are in Debt in America. You only have months to react before the creditors foreclose. You could ask WHY am I in this mess, leading you to Watch the Moneymasters and Zietgiest and become a protester ranting about the current economic crisis. Later you are targeted as a dissenter and also hauled into jail with all freedoms being removed from you.

You could chose EMOTION and you could ask WHY, causing you to try to reason with the government. AS LOGIC WILL CLEARLY TELL YOU IN MOST CASES YOU WILL BE SHOT. Or you could choose LOGIC and ask, HOW did I get this way? This would lead you to realize that if everyone borrows then the government needs more IOU's. More IOU's means more money is printed thus reducing its value. As logic will clearly tell you, if you are in debt you are worth less than ZERO because your net worth is negative, and must repay the debt at all costs. You then take responsibility and clear the debt.

Example #3: The earth is losing the ability to support life due to a rapidly growing population that relies on convienience and technology at the cost of resources and environmental stability with a heavy dependence on foreign oil. You only have a few years to react. You could choose the EMOTIONAL question and ask WHY, can't the earth support more life? This leads you to green technology, clean coal, and the organic movement.

You create technology and advertizements to save the earth similar to the ones you used to try to save your dead mother from breast cancer. Now every one wears a green ribbon and pledges to recycle and reuse, but nobody stops fucking. Pretty soon the planet has even more people than recycling will help. Recycling and Reusing is about as effective as rinsing a plate. When the food is gone, the plate no longer matters.

The people no longer can eat because there is not enough food. The people begin to compete for resources in the final WORLD WAR. Nukes are launched on land that no longer supports life anyways. Everyone dies. AS LOGIC WILL CLEARLY TELL YOU IN MOST CASES YOU WILL BE SHOT. OR, you could chose LOGIC and deal with the CAUSE of the problem, in this case the people themselves. You put poisons in the food, air and water so that people die and only the strong survive by natural selection.

You use mind control like 911 to put people to war right away, when the stakes are lower so that the battles never escalate beyond reasonable means. You also use the tragedy to jumpstart the LIFEKILL statistics. You fight in the desert, tundra, and jungle because you want to keep the farmland valuable. You also use this war so that the heads of state profit from the resources aquired ensuring the survival of the elite over the masses because the elite are your friends and the masses are not. By picking LOGIC you dominate. By picking EMOTION you are subject to the rule of others. Example #1 Logic = Survival You survived because you isolated the cause and killed the invader. You took responsibility for your own life. Emotion = Death You were ruled by FEAR and saw the man (the invader) as being your superior. You gave the man ownership of your life by refusing to act to save it.

Example #2 Logic = Survival You survived because you isolated the cause and eliminated the debt. You took responsibility for your own life. Emotion = Death You were ruled by FEAR and saw the man (the party owed) as being your superior. You gave the man ownership of your life by refusing to act to save it. Example #3 Logic = Survival You survived because you isolated the cause and killed the sheeple. You took responsibility for your own life. Emotion = Death You were ruled by FEAR and saw man (the sheeple) as being your superior. You gave man ownership of your life by refusing to act to save it. Example #4: The Occultation: Through fear man gave responsibility for the course of their lives over to city-states of organized religious and concentrated political power instead of choosing to live in small self-reliant communities observing and coexisting in harmony with the science of nature." -- ZEROMESSIAH

"Be in control of your emotions - don't let them control you. Don't follow your feelings blindly. Your mind is *at least* as strong as your feelings, even stronger! Use your mind. USE IT!! Respect the authorities that need to be respected for your OWN benefit!" -- giggi

Trying to get a girl is like trying to get a phone or video game system. If you want "the best, newest and greatest one around" you're gonna hafta go into debt and pay out of the ass and then want to trade it for a better one in about 2 years....

Or if you stop being greedy and use common sense, you can get one that does the job, doesn't have a bunch of useless extra features, and keep it for as long as you need... am I rambling or does this make sense? -- vspring

"You people will never, Never Find Anyone Else LIKE HIVES, Never Forget That, Kill YourSelf if You DO. " -- StrangePeeps


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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another letter from titsnass

Dear Honorable Hives,

Titsnass here,

Feel free to post this on your blog, you remember me, the one with the hustle to scoop poop that you made an example out of for those who were scared to get their hands dirty.

Well i did just that, and allowed myself to get fucked in the ass with a sandpaper dick (my fault i accept that)  I was under a no compete clause with a rival company i worked for, so the company was put in my girls name as owner as to avoid being sued.  I help build it, and did all the manual labor, and got royally screwed in the end back in december as i got kicked out by the bitch and had a protection order slapped on me to top that off.  She ran my car in the ground and refused to pay to fix it and kicked me out thus losing my hustle and having a broken car with a child support payment to boot.  Man did i fuck up!!!!  For months ive sat in the dumps wondering why this happened to me i had all i wanted, a house, a girl, 2 kids, my own business, good sex life, and this bitch ripped it all out of my hands and the bad part is, i let her do it, i set myself up.  35 years old and im living in my fathers basement borrowing my stepmothers truck to find work and now im working at advance auto parts as a delivery driver, it sucks but it must be done, im depressed and pissed, but it must be done, i must climb out of this hole i dug mysef. 

I have for years read your blog even when not commenting im in the shadows, reading/learning.  I appreciate the knowledge you bestow and i feel even stupider having this knowledge and allowing this to happen to myself.  I cant blame the bitch, only myse;lf as i allowed this to happen.  In less than a year of that company launching she has now quit her slave and runs the company by herself and it pays the bills already, its called "Green Scoop Pet waste recycling"  Its already at close to 150 customers in barely over a year, i watch it on fakebook and i tremble with anger/hate/resentment towards her, as well as myself for allowing these shenanigans.  Lesson learned, next hustle i do WILL BE MINE, fuck a bitch and everyone else.  All i wanted was to raise my kids the REAL way and run my own hustle but its all my fault for being naive.

Just thought id drop a line so you could use this to school others on WHAT NOT TO DO.

Thank you for your teachings, time for me to push on to better things.



 Dear Son,

Thank you for the kind words and praise.  Your situation, though you may think it to be troublesome, is not unordinary.  What you must remember is that in order to walk, one must FIRST crawl.  More accuratley -- in order to walk one must FALL and BREAK THIER LITTLE CAT-NOSE ON THE COLD CONCRETE PAVEMENT.  I have baggered my own cat-nose more times than I can remember... this is not something that should be avoided, but rather - this should be PERSUED.  Why should one activley persue failure?  As I say - it is the ONLY way to succeede.  SO back to you...  You started a hustle, sacklessley becasue you were afraid of some BS 'no competition clause' (ROTFLAMO! -- sucker!) you put it in your woman's name - you lost control of her and she 'took' the buisness from you... 

....have you learned your lesson?  What have you learned from all this?  You see what matters most in life is the LESSONS it teaches you.  Now pay attention becasue here is how the masses fail all the time (and not in the good way).  The masses have an inability to LEARN from their MISTAKES.  Thus 'lifes lessons' never 'sink in' so to speak.  At 35, though you are definetly not a spring chicken, you are not old-paint either -- what you must learn to do is get back up on your horse and try again.  Only a fool thinks a successful person got it on 'the first try':

The choice is yours titsnass... give up... or TRY AGAIN?

Success can ONLY come from FAILURE.  It is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to succede WITHOUT failing.  Period.  The primary difference between the proletariat and the ruler is his recgonition of natural laws that clearly dicrate the association between failing and succeeding...

As you get older titsnass, your balls get SMALLER.  You start to second-guess your own abilities, and failure becomes more embarrasing -- after all you are a 'full grown man' - you dont want to FEEL like a FAILURE... but think my son.  HOW else are you supposed to succede?  I get it.. you want to try for something, and master it perfectly the first time --- yes that it is the MENTAL DISEASE of the masses, and it's why they borrow, take parental allowance checks, stay on welfare, and slave from 9-5... no failure is involved.  The secret my son, is to KEEP TRYING -- I 100% gurantee you that you will suceede IF you DONT GIVE UP (keep at it)... the ONLY way you can lose the game, is to NOT PLAY IT.

Improvements come with tenacity.  Period. 

You will NOT hear about this on the 6pm telescreen amplifers.  Instead you will hear how "SCARY" and "CHAOTIC" the world is and to leave the 'hard stuff' to "EXPERTS" who of course will charge you a 9000% premium on whatever it is you are AFRAID to do yourself...

So the choice is yours - keep playing, or leave the arcade?

Go home?  or try again?

The sheep doesnt try... he wastes his days existing with the air blowing through his ears... and then he WONDERS why his LIFE has not IPROVED....



If you want the prize my son, you must GO FOR IT...

You LOSE when you STOP....

Punks and fraidy-cats gets NOTHING!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

A letter from Ylli Meholli

"Dear Father djhives,

I have finaly turned 18 a few months ago and left my mommys milken teats and got an apartment.... hanging in here but its HARD !  

im making 4,11 euro a hour... i slave in shifts so i barley get sleep.. i feel loneley hives...

I feel just like you did at burger king hives... im taking out the trash outside and my peers who went to school with me laugh at me and throw down there big mac wrappers for me to clean up... 

everything is so dark and grey !! the days are either too hot or too cold... 

i eat shit and lost 50% interest in woman because im to busy using my free time on my hobbys and ur blog... 

I have this small budget over to buy food and save the half of it to get the CiR Training Manuals to become a CiR member... 

And i still try to say to myself it wil lturn out better... but im being invited to partys and see my sheeple friends have ''fun'' and just like you im thiking that im a ''piece of waste that should of gone to college''

But like i said im still holding on... i just feel completely LOST hives... my free time is spent spooking around ur blog rereading and it only helps me a bit more... 

Im lost hives... the worse thing is i feel lonely... no family around me anymore... old friends to busy with college... im completly alone thats the hardest part hives... 

If there was no old school rap i would not survive... it sthe only thing that gives me a little bit more motivation... 

did you feel like this hives ? will this pass ? i myself believe this is needed to feel its oppiste later on...
 -- Ylli Meholli"
 Dear Son,
You have left the saftey-nest of your mothers milken breast.  Welcome to reality my Son.... it IS hard.  At first.  To help you understand REALITY, I will say remind you that the ONLY way a person can make something EASY is to ACCEPT that it will be HARD at first.  What this means is quite simple if you RESPECT this natural and cosmic rule -- it means that IF YOU WANT SOMETHING TO BE EASY EXPECT IT TO BE HARD FIRST.  So how does hard stuff get easier?  Simple, you refuse to run away from it......


run away* from it...............





A magical land where you can "RUN AWAY FROM IT"....
Run away from what?
RUN AWAY from the HARD stuff......aka REAL ADULT LIFE at age 18

Let's go through your 'college orientation' now shall we....  please note the happy smiley monkey faces, baloons, extra-special buffets, free T-shirts... AND MORE!

^ Oh yes Ylli --- you are even missing out in a HIPPIE CIRCLE MERRY-GO-ROUND STYLE COLLEGE ORIENTATION at your local University....

Just LOOK at it............


All the FUN Ylli... the fun dream-world....galavanting on a pretend rich-mans 'estate' (college campus)... living snuggly and warm in a room-for-two....  non stop festivities, events, orcstrated fake fun, spa/resort excercise rooms, steam baths, sanas... even an indoor baseball field.... ............. care for a game of indoor racket ball after that 12noon introduction to Musical Therapy class with Foctor Sackless?  You got it.

...what's that?  Worked up a lil' sweat from 2pm your racket ball game at the Pavillion?  No problem.  Hit one of the 804 9-story 800 squarefoot 34-jet steam showers to help clean you off... they even stream your i-Sheep Pandora music live in the shower on a bose 4-D surround sound system with the subwoofers built directly into the accomanying YOTO Japanese bidet tiolet--- gold-plated of course...

..NOW it's 3am.. you are so-fresh-and-so-clean like Andre 3000.  It's brunch time!  Make sure to hand your racket-ball swatter to Margarita, the Mexican servant.... I mean... YOUR PERSONAL Mexican Servant at the campus Health Spa who will take your racket and sanitize it for your so its all ready to go for your next 'stay' at Club Fantasy World at the University of Hansel and Gretel....

Hansel and Gretel?  Aint that the fable where the to young, dumb HONKEYS wandered away from REALITY and ended up at the University of Ginger Bread House?  A magical CAMPUS made out of sugar and spice and gumdrops and candy-canes, and gummy bears and WIC vouchers?  Then they ate and they ate, and gorged, and pigged until they were RIP FOR THE KILLING?  Slaugtered for thier value as a HUMAN COMMODITY?
They come into the Magical Enchanted Forrest happy as can bee Ylli... even GLOATING about their 'priveledge' to live this faux care-free pretend elietist 'lifestyle' --INSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLEY at age 18...........

Ahh the GOOD LIFE ..... candy and gingerbread, EVERYWHERE... EVERYTHING is made out of MAGIC....

LIFE just CANT get ANY better.............................

Indeed...................LIFE just CANT get any better than THIS...........UNTIL........


 what is "HARD" now will seem like getting a BLOWJ*B in about 2-4 years when you compare your life to your COUNTERPARTS lives who went to idiot slave-in-training-school, ie COLLEGE....
"hard" doesnt even begin to describe it...
you make 4.11 Euros per hour... 
HOW MANY EUROS do you think a college graduate makes per hour?
4 euros?
11 euros?
100 euros?

That's right *NEGATIVE euros.  

Negative income is known as DEBT.  Debt is SLAVERY.  Slavery is a misery.  Misery is a biological weapon - and by that reasoning SO IS COLLEGE...


Your standards of comparison right now are being TRICKED by the ILLUSION that you have it worse (slaving at McDonalds) and your counterparts have it better (living on Princess Island made out of HFCS, rent free and partaking in daily orgies)

But it's an ILLUSION my son... all done for the love of MONEY...


on every coin..........

on every dollar bill.......................


^ It matters not 'who' he is... Ceasar... Lincoln...Washington...Franklin.....

it doesnt matter....... who he is... or what he looks like... the point is ... that since childhood you have been programmed to see WOSHIP a GOD....called MONEY 

thats why there is a little printed/stamed face of A GOD on your money....

It's not the money you like...

its the GOD in your hand that will do your dirty work FOR you...

look at it again.....this time look at it 4th dimentionally!

My Son........ if you wonder why you think it's "HARD"......... is becasue you BELONG TO A RELGION that you dont even realize you are a part of...............

In GOD (money) you trust.

In SELF I trust.

remember 'god'/'money'....same thing...

tools for enslavement...
What's so "HARD" Ylli?
You wake up, ride your motorized scooter to your slave, you look at poon all day, you clock out, albeit tired, and then you are FREE to do as you please... party, chase tail, music, sketeboard, whatever... you go back to your OWN room to do as you please...
Now... I know what you're going to say... you want 'BETTER'...
better food
better time
better scooter
better apartment
 Well n*gger.  That is POSSIBLE in your situation.

But it is IMPOSSIBLE in  a college graduate's situation.

If you want improvements in yoru life... including fixing your 'lonliness' -- YOU must take ACTION.  I know Millineals think everything just falls from the sky into thier lap, but its not true... nor would you ever want it this way....

Saying something "IS HARD" is a woman's excuse.  It's not the trait of a man.  LIFE IS HARD.  SO WHAT?

Is that "BAD"?

Back in the day I was DRAWN* to the arcades becasue the games were HARD  --NOT easy --- HARD!  And to this day, I a drawn to things that are HARD.......not easy.

And this is EXATLY why I succede.  I -- unline the 99% of the masses -- am not afraid of "HARD" things like you are.

N*gger, everything in LIFE, WORTH HAVING, IS "HARD".

...from whatever.......... aint NUTHIN 'easy' -------- if it was, it wouldnt be worth having now would it........

Listen my son:  Stop thinking of life as 'hard' and start thinking of it as REALITY.

I don't know what "HARD" is.  I know what NORMAL is -- what REALITY IS.

Whenever I undertake something new -- it's 'hard' --- well no sh*t --- I'm not shocked, surprised, OR discouraged -- that's the way its SUPPOSED to be.  What - am I supposed to get the Micheal Jordan Achevement Award Trophy without doing a slam dunk boomshakalaka?  What would be the point?  Sheit, I can just close my eyes and IMAGINE that I am king of the 13 planets --- that's *EASY.......... but would it be true?  Would it bring me happiness?

Heres the truth Ylli:

Life is SUPPOSED to be HARD (real).  Those who FACE this fact reap the rewards of natures divine sweet milk-ducts.  Those who RUN AWAY FROM this fact -- and go into imagination-and (college) SUFFER and become SLAVES FOR LIFE at the hands of the clock-watcher...

What you must do Ylli, is un-tuck your vagina folds, remove the sand, and grow some nuts.  "hard" is not an excuse for anything, unless you are amongst the hottest of 16 year old females... otherwise "hard" is called reality... and believe you me, there is no greater high in life than making the 'hard', 'easy'.............. DICIPLINE YOURSELF TO DO THIS AND YOU WILL WIN...

--father hives



Monday, July 21, 2014




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CIR + the 1928 Vermont Decoder


JASON NANKOO of the Peoples Republic of Floral Park NY

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Received donation for "CIR"© from "Jason Nankoo" aka SOMEONE-SOMETHING from the People's Republic of NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA

Received donation for "CIR"© from "Jason Nankoo" aka SOMEONE-SOMETHING from the People's Republic of NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA...

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

A letter from The Asian Messenger

"Dear Dr. Hives,

Your recent post on baby boomers hit a clear tone with me because my parents were boomers and my dad was in vietnam. Ever since my dad retired, I have always wondered why he went through such childish mood swings. You post nailed it. I hate to say it about my own parents because I care for them, but they were the ones who taught me to be a big loser. I now realize I have spent my whole life struggling to escape and deprogram myself from the BS I learned as a kid. Back to my parents, they retired a few years ago with a government pension and instead of enjoying life and taking the time to reflect, my dad had to become a "doomsday prepper". I guess he needed to find some sort of superiority over myself and over others. He really thinks the world will end and the dollar will crash soon. Since he has free time to listen to Alex Jones and read every doomsday website on the internet, he uses that information to claim his "wisdom" over others. I guess a part of purification is realizing that your parents can be full of shit too. Well thanks hives again.....visiting your site every few weeks helps to keep me in check and on my feet. You take your timergy to make posts and to reply to all of those who are listening and reading

Asian messenger"


Dear Asian Messenger,

Part of realizing who you are in life is realizing who your parents were as well.  More accuratley, what you must concern yourself with is what you parents were NOT.  Indeed, many times people like to GLORFY thier own parent's life and accomplishments.  In truth, most peoples parents were 9-5 slave-rats, who borrowed their entire existence away, acheived nothing, risked nothing, and FEARED EVERYTHING.  Suprise!  This is where ALL OF YOU COME FROM.  Weak, scared, BS parents.  Now don't take it personal - they did thier best.  But as the saying goes, 'their best was not good enough'.  For those interested in TRULY breaking the cycle of GENERATIONAL SLAVE-CLONE, one must FIRST realize that no matter what their parents SUPPOSED 'socio-economic bacground' - that they were indeed from the PROLETARIAT class....

But Dr. hives, mah parents were doctors, they went to PHDumb school and drove around in a baby-blue Benz.  That's nice.  PROLETERIAT CLASS.  PERIOD.  The first step in purification is realizing that you are FILTHY.  Filthy with what?  FIlthy with the impurities common in the LOWER CLASSES.  Sheep inherently know this -- this is why they are always seeking to 'one up' each other or to 'rat race' or 'climb the social ladder'.  If you were born into some debutant, socialite, elitist, upper middle upper upper class, then who is there this incessant need for the sheeple to CONTINUALLY seek a higher level of 'class'.  The answer is simple: they are the filthy lower classes -- and the FILTHIEST of low-class people THINK THEY ARE HIGH-CLASS.  What is more sinister, the cloven welfare n*gger living in a life-sized bucket of Original Recipe KFC chicken bones collecting welfare-stamps?  Or a suburbanzed h*nkey with an 'advanced dumb-gree' making a 6 figure salary with 6 figures of DEBT?  Who is lower?  One might argue that the one in DENIAL is the lowest of teh low -- for at least the welfare n*gg is CONSIOUS of his own cess-poll he choses to sleep in.  The BOOMERS represent the EPITOME of n*ggardly irresponsiblity -- and look out, they are ALL 'grown up now' -- and F*CKING EVERYWHERE...

A boomer is like a Millenial on crack.  Where a millenial goes "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" -- a BOOMER goes "THIS CONCERNS ME!  THIS IS *FOR ME!" -- it is DISGUSTING.  And it is the stuff your parents are made from.  Your parents are just sentient CLONES of other mortal A$$HATS that roamed the cotton-fields generations ago.  The program is simple:

Society is one big MACHINE.  The 'fuel' in this machine is SHEEPLE.  The 'fuel lines' are called "roadways", "highways", and "interstates".  The HUMAN ENERGY roams these CONDUITS or CONDUCTORS energizing and activating certain components of the 'machine'.  And when the human energy exausts itself (dies) its heirs 'take over' to run the machine until the cycle can repeat itself once more.  WHY dont the sheeple INSIDE of the MACHINE 'see' this?  Well - it is a fundamental matter of the difference between the HUMAN and the ANIMAL HUMAN.

Let me explain:

Every human is an ANIMAL.  Now I DONT mean this in the 'hey sheep act like animals!' way -- no, no, -- what I'm saying is that TRUE MAN is AN ANIMAL -- and ANIMALS are satisfied by PRIMAL and NATURAL desires:

- sex
- conquest
- dominance
- selfishness
- family
- fraternity
- territory
- savedgrey

However these are NOT the type of 'humans' that make up the 'fuel' of the foremetioned social-machine......

Oh no....... what you have instead that makes up the 'fuel' of the machine is a NEW type of human..............THE MORAL HUMAN...

The concept of MORALITY is what seperates "MAN" from "THE ANIMALS"...

Afterall what is a SHEEP other than a NEUTERED man?  A man with his balls clipped and scrambled.  Think about the common sheep.  He is nothing more than a docile RESTRAINED animal.  A "TAMED" ape.  One who has been STRIPPED of the desire or ability to engage in violence, sex, selfishness, territorial expansion, and so forth.  And WHAT 'magical force' strips the docile, TAMED mad from his WILD animal wants and desires?  MORALITY!

And what hath the common cattle been INDOCTRUNATED with for the last 6,000 years?

The CONCEPT of MORALITY .............

The book of 'thou shalt nots' to fill the sheeps mind with GUILT over satisfying his PRIMAL (ie NATURAL) needs and urges.

The BOOMERS (your parents) represent the FIRST generation to take the concept of morality towards an new unpreceedented level...  the current social "MESS" out there on the farm is a clear indicator that they were indeed full of sh*t.  The truly SICK part is how they dragged you into it and made YOU feel like a helpless asbergers retard foul-up monkey-muppet... all so they could feel better about their own selfless docilness which spits in the beautiful bright face of nature....

Thankfully Mr.hives and his followers are moving forward -- above and beyond the bleating foul-ups of the self-righteous 'we did everything all right/we are the best generation in human history' B*LLSH*T! -- above that baby-boomer PETER-PAN childish inmaturity and forging ahead past the fog of the STENCH that these @ss-clown boomers have polluted the earth with for the past 6 decades.... 

The future belongs to YOU my son!  NOT THEM!


Received donation for "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 2: SIXTEEN HUSTLES from "ALVORO K" from the Peoples Republic of Quebec

Received donation for "DIE SHEEPLE DIE!, VOLUME 2: SIXTEEN HUSTLES from "ALVORO K" from the Peoples Republic of Quebec


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Received donation for "CIR" from "Raphael Walker" from the Peoples Republic of NEW YOUR, NEW YORK, U.S.A.

Received donation for "CIR" from "Raphael Walker" from the Peoples Republic of NEW YOUR, NEW YORK, U.S.A.



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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Another letter from Seargeant Veach AKA R. Veach

Dear Father,

I'm frustrated. We got a new roommate tonight in my room, so that makes 3. The monitor introduced him to me and the guy (an older black man) said Hi and didn't look at he was too cool. And there are two black guys (one is my roommate) that has known him for 40 some years and it was like a reunion of sorts. He must have been a powerful man back in the day, as my roomie is talking about how they would have run us all out back in the day, acting all big and bad. And they are all congregating around him...anyway, it's throwing me off. I am still joked about by a few black guys in here, whose business it's none of, that I never come out of my bat cave and when I do, I put my hat on to go to the bathroom and then go back in my room. That I never go outside and therefore don't have a tan. What business is it of theirs what I do? Or anyone's? 

I'm trying to learn to be cool, but this stuff is throwing me off. I had two women lined up for sex last night and it fell through (one got a better look at my face in a photo) and the other was poor communication on her part, that ended stupidly. And other women are bailing on me when I tell them of my situation. I want power goddammit. Like a f*cking child, I rage because I want power and respect...I want women to want me. I'm tired of playing second fiddle or no fiddle at all. I'm annoyed at my situation...tired of my adoptive mom emailing me and playing the sob story card...I really want little to no contact with them, as I view it as my past...and I'm not willing to fill the place they made for me in their story. I'm making my own, but still I'm easily thrown off course, like now. I want power, I want this crap purified from me...I don't really care about my business at the moment and the steps to make it. I have no desire to work or do my business at the moment...I'm sitting and waiting on people to do things so I can make a damn annoying.

 I want to be purified...I hate this gunk that is stuck to me. It makes me hate my life. I've been using a fake profile on a dating site, using my marine buddy's pictures and he is swimming in least his profile is. They love my personality, but without his looks, there's nothing. I hate that I do it to myself, but I get so incredibly bored up in here. I love the attention and reaching out, but I'm hurting myself in the process as I am nowhere near as handsome as he is. I have my profile set for new york city...women are falling all over themselves for my buddy's pictures. I want to change the way I look, my body's muscle tone and athletic ability...I want to change so much about me. I want to move forward in the training. I think that without purifying myself further, I will sabotage my progress and f*ck stuff up. I know myself, I'm not always like this, but when this aspect of myself comes out, it's painful and I hate it and I make bad decisions. 

This a quite embarrassing to fire off this email to you, but that's an aspect to my personality that I do not enjoy. And I'm so incredibly tired of having that in my life. As I said, I don't feel inside how my photos look...therefore I hate taking them and never do and avoid the camera at all times. Can you really delve into women's nature some time? They are so magnificently made and good god, they drive me crazy. What is it about their nature that is being unleashed onto our culture? I know I felt this coming when I was a child, that women's power would be returned and in a huge way...if I could capitalize on it, that would be one thing. But, I'm still in this matrix, and it whoops my ass from time to time as I realize I'm nothing like (beautiful) women want. I'm not attracted to average to below average looking women. I don't think I should have to settle for the she-beasts. But I don't see how with my looks I can get much better. I did get a beautiful woman for one night, when I was 24 and she was California in my time in the marines.

I want so much better in my life, Father. I want the REVERSE, the OPPOSITE of what has been my life. I'm working on changing many things, this is my achilles heel I realize. REJECTION. Rejection by beautiful looking women is a given and expected and no big deal. Rejection by who I view as lessers, much lessers, tends to infuriate me. The issues I have hurt and push people away, so that I don't feel hurt and pushed away. Much more work is needed. Is it possible that I can "purchase" all of the next set of manuals when I have the necessary debt notes? I will continue with the business, but I must deal with this main issue that has affected me my whole life...being male, being white, not being cool and wanted around, being not so great looking, and people having a negative reaction to me and my self-sabotaging myself. If I don't deal with this, it will take me down and all efforts at this business and trying to get my life right will go with it. When I'm in the flow, it feels great. When I'm not, like right now, it feels awful. Again, much more work is needed.

Another thing about women...I've had to deal with some extremely unpleasant women in my family...mother, stepmother, sister...and in school...they were the biggest bitches I've ever come across. Now the female narcissism is unleashed on our culture and if you aren't good looking, cool, have swagger, athletic, cocky, an alpha, have lots of debt notes, black/latin...or cool white boy...YOU AINT SHIT. I can see somewhat how that half white/asian kid was feeling...not what he did, but the alienation from people and how he's felt like I do...if you have a penis in this culture, you aint shit...unwanted. He took it to an extreme...whereas I isolate myself and get lost in my mind and dreams. And doing that has made a complete joke and shambles of my life. I'll get there, to where you need me to be, in some form...but it is not easy. I know you've talked about it on the secret forum that life is unfair and people think they deserve things that they don't have, that they see others with. I have a hard time dealing with it, if I'm honest...I just role with it most having a vagina and being a 5 and above gets you so much in this country, while the majority of males are shit on. I feel shit on. It's hard to reconcile my future and what you are telling me with so much of my past and present situation. Forgive me when I these last emails were just that. That's that pain from long ago to present and from deep down. I get angry at women's sense of entitlement from being born a woman...why do us as males have to suck up our plight and they don't, just because they have what we want. Where does the check on women's actions lie? Is there no check on them? They aren't checking themselves anymore in society. If a man acts up, other men will instantly check him. I don't see that in women...they are encouraged to do as they please in this zoo. Very little consequences to their actions. I'm just going by what I see. Like last week, I almost went ballistic as one of the coordinator's mother was having a retirement part and they brought in trays of food. There are about 50 men down here, the man on duty took all the best finger foods and a whole display of strawberries and pineapple up to the women, while we got crackers and cheese and teriyaki chicken, which wasn't that great at all. And not one of those heifers is below 200 lbs. Infuriating to me to be treated as second class. This is not because of my color, I have been fighting white people my entire life as well. I think the thing with the roommate is that when it comes down to it, I'm not good with people. I need my personal space...I only had one other roommate for the last month or so. I remember as a child (hell even as an adult, sadly) that when new people/families/friends would come over to our house or grandma's house, I would run and hide. Maybe because I knew that I would be overshadowed and forgotten in the mix...maybe it's from being adopted and being so insecure...I dont' know. I've never done well with abrupt change, no matter what kind. If so much (or anything) depends on me, I can't believe someone like me has been chosen. Saying I don't think I'm up to task is an understatement.

Anyway, I apologize for the ranting...I know you have much to do.

Be well father

Your son,



Dear Son,

It hath been some time since I have publicized one of your letters on Pirates Today ( but I feel your situation and this letter may help others in your situation.  The very first thing you must realize -- before you think of anything else -- is that you are IMPORTANT and your life has PURPOSE.  The purpose of your life is complex, yet we all face the same predicament in life.  Why am I here?  Where is this place?  What do I do?  And most importantly - where did I come from?

Now - in your situation you hold a significant ammount of personal resentment for being an orphan.  You take this personally, and you also take this as a sign of personal inferiority.  However I am here to ASSURE YOU that this is not the case.  Let ye imagine for a moment that we are both GHOSTS, invisible sentient beings that can drift through space and matter invisibly.  Also let ye e-magion that we can penetrate solid walls and objects as well.  Now let us go back in time to when you were a young child.  We are visting your chidhood house and it is full of negativity, turmoil, violence, hatred, and wanton sadisticness.  It is brutal, relentless, and SEEMINGLY 'unfair'.  But let us now float over to your neighbors house -- you know the one with the 'good family' and what do we witness.  .... lets see... I see little Jonny eating dinner at the table with mommy and daddy... they seem happy... I see smiles...lots of them infact... but I hear very few words...

You see my son, there are TWO ways a 'bad childhood' can be qualtified.  ONE is the method you are accustomed to.. being orphaned (physically), yelling, screaming, verbal abuse, name-calling, shouting, spitting, HITTING, smacking, BEATING, and relentless humiliation...  that is ONE way -- let's call that the "OBVIOUS" bad-childhood... 

..but let me let you in on a little SECRET:


Not what you were expecting... right...?

Exactly.  It's time you realize the TRUTH about your 'crappy childhood', it was acutally GOOD, when compared to your COUNTERPARTS....

What makes you bee-LIE-ve that the hot-pocket, sunny-delight, white-picket fence, suburbian fantasy land neigbors of yours had a better childhood?  TV?  The FAKE smiles on their faces?  Or all the "NEW!" MATERIAL GARBAGE they surrounded themselves with to drown out thier MISERY?  The truth of the matter is that NEARLY EVERY SHEEPLE HAD A HORRIFIC ABUSIVE, MISERABLE, UN-LOVING, SADISTIC, SH*T-EATING CHILDHOOD.  You are SPECIAL, because MOST PEOPLE dont actually REALIZE they grew up in a pile of DOG-SH*T!  This.. as you should know by now, makes you INTELLIGENT.  However the problem you have that you seem to think 'other people' had it better than you, and thus you must somehow be inferior.  Most people are SLAVES -- they work 9-5, get sh*t on, then go home for 7 hours of pretend 'rest' then go back to a metallic computer controlled ABUSER (the hive) to go get ABUSED AGAIN....

So - lets think about this -- if a person WILLFULLY gets up at 5am each day, then goes to 'work' to GET ABUSED and SH*TTED ON... then goes home briefly and then WILLFULLY RETURNS TO HIS ABUSER to keep getting abused -- is it intellgent to say that this creature LOVES ABUSE?

Of course!

So HOW did these sheeple who LOVE TO BE ABUSED materialize from???



My son, EVERY SHEEPLE comes from an ABUSIVE, ORPHANED CHILDHOOD.  What you didnt see when we went to the neighbors house, was that Mom and Dad's smiles were FAKE -- phony... and Johnny was smiling due to his ZOLOFT perscription...  the 'abuse' Johnny endured came not from blows, pucnhes, or saliva.... but from something worse: IGNORING.

Now.. I know what you were thinking... you are thinking that YOU were beaten AND ignored too...

But NOT by your actual parents.  At least they had the decency to give you up for adoption.  At least they were REAL with you, themselves, and the situation...

They rejected you -- but they made no exuses about it... they didnt front...

But not little Johnny.  Johnny sits in his suburban hot-pocket castle with parents who SUPPOSEDLY 'love him' - his OWN, biological parents at that -- AND THEY IGNORE HIM...  What is worse my son?  Being abused physically and verbally by adoptive parents?  OR having your OWN BIOLOGICAL FATHER AND MOTHER IGNORE YOU ON A DAILY BASIS AS IF YOU ARE A PELLET OF RAT-FECES..................FOR 18 YEARS....

Which is worse?


I tell you this TRUTH to REMIND YOU that the masses were abused too! -- and FAR WORSE than your childhood.... and HOW does the honorable father hives PROVE that the sheeple were ABUSED FAR WORSE than you were?


^ HOW did these ANIMALS come to ENJOY ABUSE? ...

....they were RAISED IN ABUSIVE HOUSEHOLDS..with thier ABUSIVE and "LOVING" biological parents....

If a person is raised on beef, they will eat beef as an adult
If a person is raised on chicken, they will eat chicken as an adult

If a person is raised on ABUSE, they will enjoy being ABUSED as an adult......

So I remind you -- as your benevolent father - to not be DOWN on yourself, and realize that you are NOT A SLAVE like THEY ARE because -- bee-lie-ve it or not, THEY WERE ABUSED MORE THAN YOU WERE!

And that's the TRUTH...

Moving on to your thoughts about women...

What makes you think the woman in the red dress has it any 'easier' than men do?

Let's go down the list of PROGRAMS that ruthlessley GRIP the sheeple female

- you are fat!
- dye your hair BLONDE!
- you are fat!
- go on birth-control you slut!
- you are fat!
- You are attracted to men, but MEN ARE EVIL
- you are fat!
- Put of sexuality until you graduate doctoral school at age 45

Now - you think women are entitled... that is because THEY ARE...

But SO ARE YOU...  you just don't realize it...

To realize what I'm talking about, let is list what women are NOT entitled to:

- they cannot go for a walk any time after sunset alone
- they cannot go to a bar alone
- they cannot lift more than 20 pounds
- they cannot fix or do anything mechanical
- they cannot protect themselves without a man or a weapon
- they cannot do any business dealings or they will get taken advantage of
- they cannot make excutive decisions (why there are ZERO female airline pilots

Now the list goes on... what YOU need to realize is that their powers law in oppositon to yours... yes, they may get arrogant... but they cannot walk downtown at 11:30 at night...

Can you?

Think about that -- think what your life would be like if you ***COULD NOT*** physcally MOVE or WALK somewhere at NIGHT on your own --- FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.....

Those are the 'checks and balances' to womens 'attitudes' -- of course they get sassy and b*tchy... they can't move freely after LUNA shows up in the night sky... can you even imagine that sort of restriction?

Imagine that you are driving... you get a flat... you pop your trunk, take out the scizor jack, and throw on the spare and you're on you're way...

..a woman would not even be able to lift the spare tire let alone remove the lug-nuts...

those are the 'checks and balances' ...

What YOU must learn about women - to get them and to keep them - is that thier b*tchiness is satisfied by a direct masculine trait...  They b*tch and moan to get a man to HELP them - which you are well capable of.  What you must do is NOT mistake 'b*tchiness' for 'hate' or 'getting whatever they want' --- but rather a cry for YOUR help...

If a woman 'acts up' - she is checked by nature the same as man....  colleges and universities are FILLED with 'little princess' who think the world belongs to them -- the end result is their eventual enslavement (abuse) in the slave-hives AND an inability for them to reproduce (sterilization)... most little twats find themselves 35 years old, with a PHD, unmarried, no man, no kids, and man wants them because they are too old at 35 (men naturally seek women in the 18-27 age-range no matter WHAT the MANS age is...27+ for a woman is TOO OLD for ANYTHING TO HAPPEN... this is imply bilogical, as 27+ years is dificult to conceve children for a woman...)

So there are checks and balances with women -- BRUTAL ONES... don't think for a second that a woman doesnt wish she can walk the streets alone at night -- she does -- but she cant -- NATURE will strike her down in the most brutal exemplifcation of fear and fright... women cannot even DRESS a certain way for fear of assalt.  YOU can wear whaever you wish, anytime of day without a second thought....

The KEY my son is PURIFICATION - purging your past n*ggativity and embracing the "REBORN" you -- the NEW YOU.  Everyone is born IMPURE - if people were born pure what would be the POINT of living?  What would people do if everything was 'perfect' (utopia)??? They woudnt do anything -- and this sort of idleness is known as DEATH.  LIFE IS A STUGGLE my son -  a PURPOSEFUL STRUGGLE for PERSONAL PURFICATION.. IF you 'pre-purify' a society (utopia) they will ALL COLLAPSE AND DIE:

The so-called "PERFECT WORLD" is FILTH.  The perfect-world IS DEATH.  The perfect-world is IMPURE.  LIFE is a STRUGGLE towards personal purification.  You will ONLY feel ALIVE when you begin PURIFYING yourself from your past-life...

Stuggle is LIFE.
The ONLY way to find PEACE in this life is to EMBRACE the struggle through purification...

..those who get everything and have everything (utopia) are miserable and lifeless...  what would one do with 'everything' and nothing to worry about?  Well just imagine if you didn't have to worry about breathing..................... you'd be DEAD.


And the GRANDEST of the universal cycles is the purification process... you are born impure... you purify...and then you return to impurification again...

Be well my son,